More Spoilers Coming out of Worlds

Yes – you read that correct – the DMArmada/WDA Worlds stream has just dropped a sweet vid with a batch of card spoilers for the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons: Trouble in Waterdeep set.

Our thanks to Stephen for sharing these – if you’re not watching the stream you can head on over and find it on YouTube HERE or Twitch HERE.

The original spoiler vid for these is HERE.

On to the spoilers – I’ve got the screen grabs and some first thoughts for y’all…

Xanathar – Eye on Skullport

This card is pretty tribal relevant with that game-text, as the likelihood of enough Adventurers in a Modern Constructed format is too low to make this useful. Seems pretty sweet for a draft though.

Gazer – Evil Familiar

A two cost Intimidate card is 100% going to see play. In Open Constructed anything NOT a D&D character is guaranteed not to have any Experience Tokens so you can fill your boots with these to be clearing pests out of the field on your turn. With 1 defense on the first two levels you can get this guy KO’d very easily for some rinse/repeat or you could check out the global on…

Nihiloor – Plotting

Wow. Just straight up take control of your opponent’s character AND a really useful global – that’s a lovely card. Your opponent isn’t going to shift him anytime soon with those defense stats either. Bit painful on purchase and fielding costs though.

Grill – Xanathar Guild Bodyguard

A little weenie that you can KO with impunity for some ramp AND Churn. Loving this. I like that it’s a Bolt character too – I’m gonna give this one a try with the ‘Nihiloor’ global and ‘Jubilee – Olympic Gymnast’ for some early game ping-y fun.

Intellectual Devourer – Mind Flayer’s Pet

I like this one and can see it being a nice little addition to a team that uses a recurring Basic Action/Action die, but can’t shake the feeling it will end up one of those you put on the team but never actual buy. Kinda like that ‘Noxious Blightbringer’ that does a ping for Wild energy expenditure. Looks good on the surface, but probably won’t go anywhere.

There you go folks – I’ll keep posting as & when there’s more to report out of Worlds from rainy Manchester, UK.

Any thoughts on the spoilers?


4 responses to “More Spoilers Coming out of Worlds

      • Not so. I’m not the sort to be mad when people use “your” instead of “you’re”. That’s just language. That’s just people talking/typing, and you often get the implied meaning. Same with you blog. The difference comes when it’s supposed to be professional, paid-for, material. A cursory check would catch the obvious mistakes, and one would have hoped someone involved would know the less/fewer issue. Or at least flag it up and spend 30 seconds checking.

        Good card, though! I’ve avoided D&D in the past because I’m not a fan of Experience, and how that doesn’t really gel with the other IPs. But I’m tempted.

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