More Spoilers Coming out of Worlds

Yes – you read that correct – the DMArmada/WDA Worlds stream has just dropped a sweet vid with a batch of card spoilers for the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons: Trouble in Waterdeep set.

Our thanks to Stephen for sharing these – if you’re not watching the stream you can head on over and find it on YouTube HERE or Twitch HERE.

The original spoiler vid for these is HERE.

On to the spoilers – I’ve got the screen grabs and some first thoughts for y’all…

Xanathar – Eye on Skullport

This card is pretty tribal relevant with that game-text, as the likelihood of enough Adventurers in a Modern Constructed format is too low to make this useful. Seems pretty sweet for a draft though.

Gazer – Evil Familiar

A two cost Intimidate card is 100% going to see play. In Open Constructed anything NOT a D&D character is guaranteed not to have any Experience Tokens so you can fill your boots with these to be clearing pests out of the field on your turn. With 1 defense on the first two levels you can get this guy KO’d very easily for some rinse/repeat or you could check out the global on…

Nihiloor – Plotting

Wow. Just straight up take control of your opponent’s character AND a really useful global – that’s a lovely card. Your opponent isn’t going to shift him anytime soon with those defense stats either. Bit painful on purchase and fielding costs though.

Grill – Xanathar Guild Bodyguard

A little weenie that you can KO with impunity for some ramp AND Churn. Loving this. I like that it’s a Bolt character too – I’m gonna give this one a try with the ‘Nihiloor’ global and ‘Jubilee – Olympic Gymnast’ for some early game ping-y fun.

Intellectual Devourer – Mind Flayer’s Pet

I like this one and can see it being a nice little addition to a team that uses a recurring Basic Action/Action die, but can’t shake the feeling it will end up one of those you put on the team but never actual buy. Kinda like that ‘Noxious Blightbringer’ that does a ping for Wild energy expenditure. Looks good on the surface, but probably won’t go anywhere.

There you go folks – I’ll keep posting as & when there’s more to report out of Worlds from rainy Manchester, UK.

Any thoughts on the spoilers?


      1. Not so. I’m not the sort to be mad when people use “your” instead of “you’re”. That’s just language. That’s just people talking/typing, and you often get the implied meaning. Same with you blog. The difference comes when it’s supposed to be professional, paid-for, material. A cursory check would catch the obvious mistakes, and one would have hoped someone involved would know the less/fewer issue. Or at least flag it up and spend 30 seconds checking.

        Good card, though! I’ve avoided D&D in the past because I’m not a fan of Experience, and how that doesn’t really gel with the other IPs. But I’m tempted.

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