Day Two of the Worlds Event Weekend and There Were More Spoilers! New Keyword!

It’s the second day of the Dice Masters World Championship event, with the actual World Championship contest taking place today, and the live stream shared even more card spoilers for upcoming sets! It’s been a bloggers dream this weekend!

First – if you’ve not been doing hit up the streams on the links below:

DMArmada on YouTube

Weekly Dice Arena on Twitch

Thanks once again to Ross & Stephen for the great content, and particularly these exciting peeks from the upcoming Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet Draft set.

On to the cards, which are a bunch of Guardians of the Galaxy and feature a mega-exciting new keyword: Rush (I’ve not zoomed in on the cards because Ross just looks too damned handsome in these pics not to be shared)

‘Rush’ is a new ramp mechanic that triggers when you draw the character’s dice and the relevant trigger. Take a look…

Groom – Highly Intelligent

The classic ‘Groot’ stat line up and a re-print of his global in the ‘Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet’. His ‘Rush’ keyword triggers of drawing other Bolt die, which is a thematically lovely synergy with…

Rocket Raccoon – Make Like a Tree

A slight purchase cost reduction on previous ‘Rocket Raccoon’ die, and a ‘Rush’ keyword of his own that ties nicely in with his best bud above. I am loving the dedication to theme, especially when you add in the mix…

Star-Lord – King of Sparta

It’s ‘Rush’ mania. so much ramp potential in these 3 cards together you are def going to want to pick up these guys as often as possibly in the draft format.

I can’t wait to see if there’s something big & beefy in the set to use all this amazing purchasing power with too.

Outside of draft – these guys will certainly be worth some experimenting with as a ramp solution in constructed teams. I can think of loads of cool Bolt & Shield characters it would be fun to combo off these guys.

Nebula – Sister to Gamora

Watch out though because your opponent might just have the counter to all your ‘Rush’ shenanigans in the form of ‘Gamora’. I think it’s really balanced from a draft perspective to have a counter (or, at least, a dis-incentive) in set to keep drafting balancing.

‘Gamora’ has a lot of potential in Constructed formats too as an anti-‘swarm’ measure, so will be a great choice if cards like ‘Chwinga’, ‘Kree Soldier’, and ‘Batiri Battle Stack’ are popular in your local meta.

The guys on stream have promised even more spoiler-y goodness as the day goes on – so why not hit one of the links above and go check it out. Otherwise – keep an eye on the blog for more news & views from the other side of pond as & when it comes.


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