Day Two of Worlds – The Spoilers Strike Back!

We’re still deep into the World Championship event in Memphis right now. Round 3 has just concluded and the next wave of card spoilers has just been dropped on the stream coverage.

If you’re at a loose end then you should totally check out the live games being streamed and have a natter with players all over the world in the chat. You’ll find the streams here:

DMArmada on YouTube

Weekly Dice Arena on Twitch

This time around they shared a batch of Black Order affiliation cards from the Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet set. Steve & Ross are certainly feeding the beast today.

Here are the cards with a few initial thoughts that sprung to mind upon seeing them…

Corvus Glaive – Grim Lieutenant

Enjoying that power bar Steve?

A great one for the wombo combo fans – a cheap win condition that will pair well in draft with something cheap & expendable you don’t put sending back to the card.

In an Open Constructed format there is a tonne of potential in this guy. My head is immediately processing how well this guy could combo off a rare ‘The Collector – Taneleer Tivan’ and will be deep diving for ideas to fulfil the role of “sacrificial lamb” that would be a cool play sending back to the card.

Ebony Maw – Gleeful Killer

There’s lots of great game effects that trigger off a KO as well as ‘When Fielded’ texts I’d want to re-cycle, so I’m looking at this guy to KO my own die to bring me some lovely purchase discount and get me some added value. In a pinch though he can take out a small pest.

I’m curious to know if there’s anything else in-set he would particularly combo well with that one might want to keep an eye for in draft. We’ll see in time.

Thanos – Overpowering Strength

I’m not into the big crazy 7 cost beat sticks, but I’m sure this guy will be of interest to the Timmys out there. Ross made a neat suggestion on stream to pair him up with ‘Doom Lance’, which sounds like a fun idea.

As a draft card the 7 cost might be a bit off putting, but if there’s a strong presence of the new ‘Rush’ keyword (for more on that – check out today’s earlier spoiler post HERE) then it might not be so much of a reach.


Steve said on the stream that there’s some Basic Actions he’s got lined up for the next Spoiler show & tell on the stream. Things are heating up and we’re halfway through the contest now so get yourself onto a stream with one of the links above and say ‘hi’ in the chat – the guys are doing a great job. Thanks to them once again for permission to screen grab the cards (they’ve not permitted use of their likenesses though – I might be facing a lawsuit imminently!)

I’ll be back later with the next spoilers soon.

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