Dice Masters World Championship Fan Appreciation Event

Yes, that’s right boys & girls, the True Mister Six’s dedication to the Dice Masters bloggers cause knows no bounds and here I am at 3 a.m. to post spoiler pics!

The Fan Appreciation Presentation that took place at the World Championship event concluded just a short while ago and beloved friend Matt Jourdain from the DM North was in attendance and firing info & piccies across to me as it was happening.

I’ve barely digested it all, and I’m basically typing in a caffeine coma right now, but here is everything I’ve been sent for y’all to see. I’m going to leave the commentary until tomorrow when I’m a bit sharper if that’s alright.

News & Announcements

Let’s start with the general news & announcements from the presentation, which seemed to be mostly estimated released date info…


As if we’ve not had enough thrills with amazing spoilers today, here’s a few sneaky peeks at the cards that were included in the presentation too…

First up was more ‘Trouble in Waterdeep” cards…

Human Warlock – Delver of Secrets

I’ve got much love for this one – a standing 1 cost discount for Basic Action dice is very eye catching, especially on a 3 cost die with low fielding costs. I’ll be testing this one out on my ‘Boom Boom’ team.

Manshoon – Rekindling the Zhentarim

Interesting text, but I can’t see me using it I don’t think.

Ziraj – The Hunter

Pretty handy – stuff that runs interference on your opponent’s blocking strategy is always useful. Help guarantee weenie Monster KOs to bump up your Adventurer’s stats.

Yawning Portal – Adventurous Clientele

I can see this being played around with. There’s plenty of high fielding cost beauties this would help out with, and it comes with and added ramp element too.

Brawling Chainminer – Long Line of Giant-Slayers

S’alright, I suppose, but I’m not feeling it. Seems like a tall hill to climb.

Joppa – Zen

A rock solid, immovable blocker than could get bigger & bigger if your opponent is playing with Monsters, all at a low cost to buy & field.

Create Bonfire

Meh. There’s similar game-texts with less challenging trigger criteria to meet.

Volo – Travelling Scholar

Could have potential for a strong in-set build.

Then they showed off some WWE set cards (These also appeared to be listed as November 2019 in addition to the D&D stuff!)

Asuka – The Future

Seems alright, although stuff like this rarely sees play and we’ve seen another ‘Azuka’ that’s got more going on.

Becky Lynch – Maiden Ireland

That global. She’s going to be seeing a lot of play.

Jerry Lawler, Ringside Announcer

That’s an eye-catching global, but I’m not sure whether the definition of “Superstar” has been talked about as of yet. Could be pretty nasty with a solid Overcrush character.

Miz TV

Can see some janky combo stuff with this one maybe, again depending on the definition of “Superstar”. May prove too set specific to be widely useful.

Then they finished off with some cards from the “Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet” sets… 


Useful game-text for sure, but may prove too expensive at 4 cost to see much play.

Adam Warlock – Golden Gladiator

Super-interesting twist on the new ‘Energize’ keyword, but I’m not a fan of ‘Energize’ game-texts at over a 3 cost so feeling a bit unsure on this one.

Doctor Strange – Time Gem

That’s an awful lot of stat for it’s purchase cost, although the Fielding costs could be painful. (Unless you use a ‘Yawning Portal’) Force attack globals have been around since the dawn of Dice Masters and have proven useful before. The ‘Energize’ trigger is alright for what it is.

Star-Lord – Power Gem

Attack bumps are all the rage in Dice Masters so this could see some use for sure. Again though – I feel a bit cagey about 4 cost ‘Energize’ cards.

Turk Barrett – Mind Gem

Loving the deep-cut Marvel character here. Not sure about the Affiliation. There’s no shortage of useful Mask globals (And more coming down the pipeline in WWE too – go take a look at ‘The Rock’) so I’m into this one.


Loving the thematic art-work on this full art card.

I’m going to call it a night there and get a few hours before I need to run Dad’s Taxi to Dance class! I’ll be back tomorrow (later today for me) on the look out for any exciting card peeks we may get if there’s any coverage of the Preview Draft on the stream or if DMArmada does anymore sexy vids for us all.

Keep it BritRollerSix for all your Dice Masters news & info. Laterz folks


  1. Thanks to the solicits for the D&D team packs we know that Manshoon and Ziraj are both from the The Zhentarim team pack. We can also see that the Human Warlock has the same symbol as those 2 which means we know of 4 characters in that team pack.

    Looking at Yawning Portal we can see that the symbol is different from The Zhentarim team pack. So this card and Brawling Chainminer are from the Adventures in Waterdeep team pack.

    The other D&D cards are from the Troubles in Waterdeep Campaign box: Joppa, Volo, and Create Bonfire.


  2. “That’s an eye-catching global, but I’m not sure whether the definition of “Superstar” has been talked about as of yet. Could be pretty nasty with a solid Overcrush character.”

    I imagine “Superstar” is going to be their “character/monster/creature”. They don’t seem to have any recurring feature like “Experience” for it to be similar to “Adventurer” and therefore limited to in-set.

    Superstar is, after all, just their trademarked silly way of not having to say “wrestler”.

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