Even more juicy spoilers from Worlds

OMG – the spoilers keep coming out of Worlds.

The stream has finished but they slipped a set of “good guys” out right at the end. Thanks again Steve! DMArmada’s original vid can be seen HERE.

I’ve literally just watched it and utilised my fine screen grab skillz – here are the cards with some of my quick, first-look thoughts…

Jarlaxle – Shameless Flirt


This is just crackers. I can’t even get my head around this one at such a late hour.

Theoretically; this is the perfect churn card. Time his fielding just right and you’ll strip all the bilge away to absolutely guarantee you’ll be pulling & fielding your lovely purchases.

BUT – thinning your bag is one thing, entirely taking away your core resource is another. You’ll need energy for fielding costs, globals, and new purchases so you’re going to have to been damn certain you’ve got everything you need (or field him at a time he’ll just remove a proportion) before dropping him out.

A thinker that one…

Calliope – Charismatic Bard


I like this one – it’s got a nice tricksy feel to it that’s going to mess with your opponent’s head and challenge their decision when it comes to blocking.

In an Open Constructed format there’s definitely something in the second bit of text that gives the NPC Overcrush too. I’ll be putting some thought into it but I’m immediately wondering if there’s a sweet ally to pair up (‘Foot Ninja – Ninja Syndicate’ could be fun in a Golden format)

Durnan – “You Need an Ale?”


Getting a 2 cost discount on Adventurers (Cards with the Experience keyword), especially with all these sweet new Adventurers coming down the pipeline, is a valuable game-text.

What I’m wary of is the Purchase & Fielding costs of this guy. By the time you’ve invested in getting him, probably with some global support, you might as well as directly purchased the Adventurer you wanted anyway.

It’s unlikely I’ll be using this guy except in the most specific of themed formats.

Vajra – Activating the Walking Statues


A card with three keywords. Have we had a card with three keywords before?

And what a set of keywords to have. Attune & Spark seem to be a particularly potent pair as it strikes me that Spark is well suited to recurring Action usage. One Action die on Burst face becomes a 2 ping instead of 1.

AND – if you’ve got an opponent KO’ing their own Monsters (like… say… the new ‘Gazer’ and ‘Grell’ from the earlier spoilers, which you can find HERE) then that Experience key word is going to make ‘Vajra’ real hard to shift.

The God Catcher – Famous Walking Statue


For the moment, and unless something even more juicy comes along, I’ve got a feeling that this is going to be the hot card we’re all going to be talking about for a bit.

A trap, that gives you a ridiculously massive character, from a piss-easy trigger, with an added value force block text, for a cost of 3, that’s Max 4 die…

I mean… what!?!? This one is loopy, and peeps will be all over trying to brew with this card.

There you go – the latest batch. I’m a blogging machine today LOL

I’m still around; if all things go to plan and I can keep my eyes open then expect one more post in the next few hours that will contain any interesting announcements or any cheeky spoiler pics that my MoD agents over there manage to hustle together for me.

In the meantime – what are your thoughts on the good guys selection?

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