World Championship News – The Return of the Spoilers

The World Championship weekend stream continues to bring the spoiler-pressies to the community as the event continues.

You should totally check out the streams – you’ve surely got nothing better to do with your Saturday night. You’ll find them here:

DMArmada on YouTube

Weekly Dice Arena on Twitch

Round 4 has just wrapped up and we’ve been given some Infinity Watch affiliation cards to digest.

Here they are with a few first thoughts…

Adam Warlock – Hero of Counter Earth

I feel more comfortable with this ‘Adam Warlock’ as an Energize keyworded card at a 4 cost. I’m intrigued by the game-text. My immediate instinct is that its a way to push back your ‘When Fielded’ effects for a re-use.

There’s something more here, but I can’t put my finger on it, so I’ll sit back and await greater minds than mine to figure it out.

Black Widow – Running in the Shadows

This is a lovely card all round – the ‘Black Widow’ streak of great meta cards remains unbroken.

She strikes me as especially potent as a card in a set designed for drafting – one way or another she’s going to be dealing your opponent some damage if you pick this one up.

Find a way to buff her up (let’s see what comes in this set – the next card has a useable, but expensive global, or the ‘Star-Lord’ Energize text, for instance) and you’ll be making your opponent feel the pressure.

And the artwork features the Union Flag – so I gotta play it!

Drax – The Warrior

Another card that stands out as strong in the draft meta – a two cost, with great stats, and a pretty straight forward way to discount his fielding cost.

He’s got that andy global too – which is a bit steep, but may be the stat bump you’re looking for on ‘Black Widow’.

Doctor Strange – Trusting in Destiny

Sorry about the screen grab – my kids were pestering and I timed it badly.

It’s a nice ability, but he’s all kinds of price-y in Purchase & Fielding for what he does, particularly in a draft meta. I can’t see me using this much TBH, it’ll be one of those SRs that just gets dusty in my binder.


The lads on the stream have indicated there’s some Avengers and BACs yet to be spoiled so I’ll be keeping an eye out and mashing the screen shot for more posts yet…

In the meantime – how do you like the Infinity Watch affiliation so far?

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