World Championship Spoiler Train Keeps Chugging

If you can keep up (I’m not sure I can) then the dice Masters World Championship stream has chucked even more spoilers at us from the Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet set – this time it’s the Avengers affiliation.

They’ve just wrapped up the final round of Swiss so we’ll be getting word of the top cut soon, so plenty of time to pop open some wine and get on over to a stream to enjoy the games. You’ll find the streams here:

DMArmada on YouTube

Weekly Dice Arena on Twitch

The gameplay has been a pleasure to watch and Steve & Ross are doing a great job. (Not as great as the MoD would have done, but, y’know…)

Here’s the cards they just dropped on us… (strap in folks – a couple of these are cray cray)

Black Panther – Might of Wakanda

Damn solid card for the draft meta in this set. A 5 cost purchase doesn’t seem to be too challenging with the new ‘Rush’ keyword and ‘Black Panther’ is going to put your opponent in a classic tough spot. Let it through for big damage (look at those attack stats) or pay the pain to block.

she’s got such a low defense too – your opponent is going to have to choose their blocker wisely or face it all over again.

She-Hulk – Greeny

The minute I saw this one I immediately started thinking about the Constructed meta potential.

So many top notch ‘When Fielded’ cards to pair up it’s got some insane wombo combo opportunities to explore.

The timing of it is super-interesting too – it takes place BEFORE your Clear & Draw step. That’s definitely going to be worthy of some lengthy, tinker-y brewing time. Tell you what immediately sprung into my head: it could be a way to get rid of that damned ‘Scarlet Witch – Careful What You Wish For’ before she messes with your Action rolls with a Promo ‘Kate Bishop’.

Be on the look out for this one.

Moon Knight – One-Man Avenger

As if the ‘She-Hulk’ wasn’t insane enough – check this bad boy out. I am all over this one.

Think about all those massive cost Avengers, or ‘What if’ characters you’ve ignored because you could never quite get them bought? This dude is your answer my friend.

Or perhaps you want to double up on something damaging, like… say… a ‘Hulk – Power of Attorney’, you could be really maxing out the damage output with this guy. All those dusty ‘Doctor Strange’, ‘Thor’ and ‘Hulk’ cards you never quite got around to because they were just too expensive.

Watch out for me on an MoD stream shortly after this set comes out armed with a ‘Clayface’ global, ‘Kree Captain’ global, this guy, and any one of a selection of massive Avengers I always wished were more cost viable.

AND – in Global Escalation… it doesn’t bear thinking about. I’m so excited by this one I’ve already started brewing a GE team around this guy and ‘Captain Marvel – Kree Powered’. (I’ve got some ideas)

Speaking of ‘Captain Marvel’…

Captain Marvel – Reality Gem

After all the excitement of the previous 3 cards, I must admit to feeling a bit down on this one. for the purchase cost there’s better, and more reliable, ways to clear a board than this.


As it stands right now there is one more confirmed set of spoilers coming on stream. We may also get to see some more cards in the Preview Draft if that gets streamed, but I’d be on the look out in the Social media’s later for players snapping shots and sharing.

Until then – how crazy are these? How much do you think they’ll shake up the meta? Got a fun idea for ‘She-Hulk? Let us know…

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