Last Day of World Championship Weekend – First Batch of WWE Spoilers

It’s the last day of Worlds and it’s finishing off with a Pauper format event and the second of the Preview drafts.

I’m riding out a lazy Sunday with the handsome chaps on the Streams – DMArmada and Ross from the Weekly Dice Arena – so you should swing by too and see what’s going on in Pauper. You’ll find the streams here:

DMArmada on YouTube

Weekly Dice Arena on Twitch

And to top it all off – the stream continues it’s spoiler hot streak with some WWE goodies for us all to enjoy today.

Here’s the latest batch with a few initial thoughts… (With some added Andy May & Jocelyn – two of my fave Dice Masters players)

Becky Lynch – Maiden Ireland

We saw this ‘Becky Lynch’ from the Fan Appreciation Presentation and in my initial post it was so late over here and I was so wrapped up in the global I didn’t clock how crazy the game-text is.

It’s actually insane – it’s a cross breed of ‘Storm – Windrider’, ‘Rip Hunter’s Chalkboard’ AND a massive Overcrusher in one card… for a purchase cost of 5. She’s got so much going on she will see LOADS of play – there is literally no downside to this card.

Also – little note – it was confirmed on stream that the terminology ‘Superstar’ is generic, like ‘Monster’ in Yu Gi Oh, and applies like ‘Character’.

Bobby Heenan – The Weasel

More combat trickiness coming in the WWE set with this card. At a 2 cost, with low defense, this would not be a challenging die to rinse & repeat for the ‘When Fielded’ effect to pressure your opponent.

There is no shortage of characters your opponent would prefer to block than let through so it’s a win/win for you with this guy. It might not be massive amounts of damage, but those pings will soon catch up.

AND it’s “lose life” too, so nicely circumvents many direct damage counters.

Booker T, Ringside Announcer

Another WWE BAC to take a look at.

The force block global is a handy little combat trick that will see use with Overcrush fans, and this set doesn’t seem short of beefy Overcrusher to use it with out of the box.

The core game-text is also loopy – getting to chose your opponent’s blockers is going to suit a lot of teams looking to do combat tricks like Overcrush, Fast, ‘Dani Moonstar’, ‘Capture’, or get their own characters fielded.

John Cena – You Can’t See Me

First look at, from what I understand, a particularly popular WWE personality.

Cards with means of making them unblock-able are always popular, especially with these stats, and his trigger to make him unblock-able is pretty straightforward to do – notice it doesn’t specify that it has to be your opponent’s die you ping at.

His fielding costs stand out as a bit painful mind.


The Lords of the Stream, Keepers of the Spoilers, the commentators of Worlds, have indicated that there’s more WWE cards to show & tell today so I’ll be on top of the stream all day to get them looked at all day.

In the meantime – what do you think of these spoilers guys?

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