Second Batch of WWE Spoilers from the World Championship Stream – Oh Yeeeeeah!

These guys on the stream today are smashing spoilers out so fast I’m struggling to digest and type about them!

Thanks again to DMArmada and Ross at the Weekly Dice Arena for the sterling work and generous permission to share the screen caps from their streams. The Pauper event has just finished round 2 so there’s plenty of time to hop on a Stream and see some fun gaming action – the last game had a super ending.

Here’s where you’ll find them:

DMArmada on YouTube

Weekly Dice Arena on Twitch

Here’s the cards and my first look thinks thoughts…

Kurt Angle – Intensity

A big old, wacky board clear effect on this guy that has some potential. I don’t know WWE all that well but if there’s a fan reading this out there would love to know if this is a thematic text? Maybe ‘Kurt Angle’ smells real bad or is flatulent or something?

Wiping out both fields (bar one character each) doesn’t seem all that great immediately, but there’s some fun shenanigans to be had that appeals to the jank fan in me. I’m sooooo going to try pulling this off with an ‘Ork Nob – Big Choppa’ , or something daft like a load of ‘Regenerate’ characters, or a mad selection of ‘When KO’d’ effect for funsies.

“Macho Man” Randy Savage – Oooh Yeah!

Everyone gets 5 dice to roll each turn, nice!

You might say “Why would I want to do that?”, and it would be fair question to ask, so I’d suggest waiting for the new ‘Nebula’ from the Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet for maximum fun (You can check her text out in this post HERE.)

Mankind – The Deranged

A classic text with a character who gets buffed by Sidekicks in your field. As a side-note; notice how they are now using a Sidekick icon in the texts.

It’s a tried & tested strategy that’s been seen with the likes of ‘Dum Dum Dugan – Hardened By War’ from GotG and ‘Batman – Plays too Rough’ from the Harley Quinn Team Pack so we all know how strong this can be. He sits right in the middle of those guys in terms of purchase cost, carries some sweet fielding costs, and has some big defense numbers. this will get played with for sure.


I’m off to grab some dinner, but will be watching the next round while I get some grub, and will be eagerly awaiting the next set of spoiler treats from the guys, so head on back over in an hour or so for the next post.

How are you liking the look of these though – some really interesting stuff? WWE fans – give me some info in the comments below on WWE lore, would love to know how thematic these are?

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  1. “As a side-note; notice how they are now using a Sidekick icon in the texts.”

    I’d say that’s out of necessity with the IP more than anything. While you can use sidekicks in superheroes, and NPCs in D&D, there really isn’t anything flavourful for use in WWE. And using either of the preexisting terms would be a bit weird. So yeah, just the image works.

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