Worlds Championship Spoilers Episode 3 – Revenge of the WWE

The last of the Stream spoiler treats have been delivered and, as always, the BritRollerSix blog was keeping a keen eyed watch on the stream to get all the news & info we could.

The stream has ended now for the weekend, but all the content recorded over the weekend is available on the DMArmada’s channel to take a look at and absorb the whole thing. You’ll find that HERE.

To tide you over though; here’s the last of the cheeky pics that were shared…

Ronda Rousey – The Baddest Woman on the Planet

It’s really fun to see the return of the keyword ‘Impulse’ (Mot recently seen on the ‘Big Entrance’ re-print.)

I like the idea of an in-built ability to prep the purchased die, I’m just a little underwhelmed with this card – 4 cost, decent-ish stats, no added value. I’m not sure about this one.

Sasha Banks – The Boss

Getting discount on your purchases is always useful, and a cost reduction of 2 for your characters is something to be looked at.

The die is low cost enough that if you can find a way to rinse/repeat it can help a team of higher cost dice out.

The Kevin Owens Show

Oh snap! This has got some insane potential. You can buy a cheap-y character die, up this, and then rinse/repeat for some big beefy characters.

Not only that – it comes with a bit of added ramp on the Burst faces. It’s just a shame it’s a Basic Action and your opponent can have a go with it too.

Walk with Elias

I’m not so sure about the randomness of the game-text for competitive play but it seems like a bit of fun.

On the other hand – having the HXG global on a Basic Action card is an interesting prospect, although it is a global I’ve always struggled to make the best use of.


That wraps up all the Spoiled goodness from the Stream, I hope you’ve enjoyed the thoughts I’ve shared on the new cards that are on the way.

Another massive ‘THANK YOU’ to Stephen, Ross & Ryan for all the hard work and incredible effort bringing the coverage to us. I’ve really enjoyed it guys and appreciate the opportunity you created for the rest of us to feel included and involved in the whole weekends activities.

Tune in to the next Ministry of Dice episode on Monday 16th September for our World Championship special – we’ve got special guests, live reporting from our “man on the ground”, and some meta-chat from me & Andy.

Until more word on European events, let’s keep talking about these spoilers; any faves?

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