Worlds Spoiler Post – The Endgame

It’s been a long two days of competitive Dice Masters and we’re in the final stretch as Top 8 has just concluded and we’re one step closer to having our next World Champion.

In the meantime; the last of the spoilers have been shared.

First up: go check out the piccies from the Preview Draft players over on DM-North HERE and on the DM: Unlimited Facebook page HERE that contain many cards in addition to those leaked at the Fan Appreciation event and over the stream.

Second, I’ve got the two Basic Actions that were shared on the the stream here for you, including a rare sighting of the man with the legendary flowing locks Jimmy from Wizkids:


Poker Night

There’s still time yet to hop on the streams to get some game viewing in, and with the Top 4 soon to start it’s going to be most competitive of Dice Masters play on the go. Head over to one of these links here:

DMArmada on YouTube

Weekly Dice Arena on Twitch

You’ll get the added value of those All-American boys Stephen & Ross’ commentary too.

I’m going to wrap it up there – make sure you do all the rounds and give ‘Likes’ on DMArmada, Weekly Dice Arena, DM-North and Melissa’s Facebook album.

See you later folks, best of luck to our Semi-Finalists!

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