“Rest of Worlds” Online Dice Masters Tournament YouTube Round-Up

After Worlds took place on the 7th September it was time for the Online scene, the “Rest of Worlds” if you will, to get together and hold an event for those who could not make it to Memphis for the face-to-face event.

The tournament took place on Saturday 14th September and was arranged and supported in the lead up by James from “ZackMasters with James & Dice”, and supported on the day by Ryan from GR GameRoom and Stevie Mac from Dice Mayhem (Because James wanted to participate)

If you are unfamiliar with what online Dice Masters play entails then you can check out the Online Play guide at the Dice Coalition site HERE  where you’ll find a section called “Getting Set Up (First Timers Guide) for info.

I played in the event and recorded my games through the Swiss rounds. I may or may not also have some additional videos of my Top 8 cut and Top 4 cut matches… you’ll hav to scroll down to see… ;P

I’ve collected all the videos here in one place instead of doing a write up so you can see the day’s play for me, but before I do; here is my team and the card choice rationale…

The Team

Dice Coalition Team Builder Link

Nobby Team

Norman Osborne – Don’t Call Me “Nobby”!

My main win condition – I’m looking to get him out, either independently or combo’d with ‘The Collector’, as often as possible with villains in the field or after I’ve fired off a…

Danger Room – Flame Throwers and Throwing Knives

I need big Villain counts to maximise my ‘Norman Osborn’ hits and this is just the dice to do it. The global is also handy for killing annoying ‘Shriek – Sonic Beam’ dice from my opponent’s side of the table or popping my own ‘Norman Osborn’ to prep him for another blast next turn.

Kree Captain – Lost Purpose

Makes for a nice beefy attacker or defender when needed, and has the global to help get my 4 and 5 cost characters quicker. He combos nicely with my ‘Villainous Pact’ Basic Action, which is admittedly a combo I don’t use often enough with this team.

Cheetah – Some Manner of Monster

This a flex-spot on the team, and I’m not sure this card was the way to go. After playing ‘Norman Osborn’ teams that use the Rare ‘The Collector’ for some time I found I was always running a bit lean on spending energy, and struggled to churn my ‘Danger Room’ dice around, so dropped ‘Cheetah’ in the team to try and move my dice through quicker. Honestly – I think I only bought her a handful of times through the event.

Madame Masque – Nefaria’s Secret

There’s lots & lots of nasty ‘When Fielded’ stuff about, and I sweated whether I wanted ‘Madame Masque’ in this slot or ‘Scarlet Witch – Careful What You Wish For’ because there’s equally lots & lots of nasty action stuff out there.

In the end I went with ‘Madame Masque’, thinking it was better to use her to protect my own win con from all the ‘When Fielded’ control that could interfere with my ‘Norman Osborn’/’The Collector’ combo. (‘The Collector’ wears a massive Shriek target on his back I’ve come to experience)

Shriek – Dark Empathy

I may be too principled to use the 3 cost ‘Shriek – Sonic Beam’, but I’m not so principled I won’t use the 4 cost ‘Shriek – Dark Empathy’. She is an incredibly powerful card when combo’d up with ‘The Collector’ and is an excellent answer to the brutal Attack Phase shennanigans of the likes of ‘Ice-Man’, ‘Venerable Dreadnaught’, ‘Green Lantern’ and many, many others.

Clayface – Restless

This guy is on the team entirely for his global. He drives my early purchasing power to help me get my ‘The Collector’ die bought, then helps me fix my energy for mid-to-late game shennanigans, such as grabbing a Fist energy to “Collector in” my ‘Nobby’ die, Mask energy to feed my globals, or ‘Danger Room’ dice on 2 Bolts to murder ‘Shriek’ die. (You will see this many times in videos)

Villainous Pact

Prep global and back-up win con pivot. Like I said earlier – don’t use this near as often as I should.

Static Field

I don’t do much attacking, so this global is just super helpful. Hypothetically it’s also my counter to Force-Attack globals but… well… in game 3 you’ll see what happened with that theory.

There you go then, that was my team and my thinking on the card choices, now onto the games…

Round 1 Swiss – Rob P (“The Painter”)

Round 2 Swiss – Matt B (“Frozen Spam Guy”)

Round 3 Swiss – Ben S (“Champ”) 

Round 4 Swiss – Jac (“Weekly Dice Fighter”)

Top 8 Match – Jezko (“Speaks to Fishes”)

After fierce competition (and a few lovely glasses of vino) I managed to fluke my way into top 8 on Strength of Schedule against the other 2-2ers! Yippee!

Top 4 Match – Peter VDV (“The Figurehead of Dice Masters in the Netherlands”)

The Final – Ben S (The Champ)

There you are folks – what a turn up for the books – after fluking my way into the Top cut with a 2w-2l record at the end of Swiss on Strength of Schedule I managed to battle my way through the cuts to end up playing in the final! What madness! Just as soon as it is played I’ll get it added on – I’m playing Ben for a second time and will get it scheduled soon enough. Wish me luck. (I’m going to need it)


Well, would you Adam & Eve it, I only went and won the bloody thing. I’ve added the footage of my Top 2 match with Ben above. I had a super fun Friday night playing with Ben, after we played the final we played my “Rest of Worlds” winning team up against his IRL Worlds winning team and that was a very different story – keep an eye out for that video on the channel in the next few days. Thanks Ben for the great games.

It was a belting event and I’m super-grateful to Ryan, Steve, and particularly James for making it possible for us to have an event of this nature to help with the Memphis-Blues (That’s what I’ve been calling the fact I couldn’t afford to make the real worlds)

Speaking of James – he recorded his games on the day too, so you might want to check those out as well. You can find them on the James Masters with Dice & Zack channel HERE.

AND… Reg over at “Dice Masters in the Great North” also recorded his games. He’s a fellow Top 4’er so you should def check vids out too HERE.

Thanks folks!

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