Thursday Night Dice Fight 10/10/19 – YouTube Rundown

I participated in the “Thursday Night Dice Fight” this week.

For those not in the know: “Thursday Night Dice Fight” is a weekly Online tournament organised by James over at ‘Dice Masters with James & Zack’.  Each week a different format is chosen for a team building challenge, which can range from random & fun to a competitive format. This week’s was a Modern Constructed. If you want to know more about the “Dice Fight”, then have a look at James’ blog on the Dice Coalition where you’ll be able to see the Team Building rules from previous week’s events.

The team I played was a ‘Boom Boom/Hope’ build. Here is the team:

Boom Boom Hope

The plan with the team is pretty straight forward: ‘Boom Boom’ is the central character who makes a Basic Action die deal 2 damage when it is used. I’ve got ‘Hope’ in there to copy her to increase the damage capacity, as well as ‘Dragonborn Sorceror’ to increase the damage too (abusing the ruling that it is the Action itself that does the damage)  That means, in theory, with all three key characters out, one roll of a ‘Ping’ could deliver 9 damage.

That doesn’t happen often in reality, but a ‘Hope’ and a ‘Boom Boom’, with a repeating stream of ‘Thrown Brick’ and ‘Ping’ dice, can soon snowball out of control.  ‘Thrown Brick’ also has the added value that it is great ramp & churn too.

Everything else is there to protect the win con or protect against meta-pieces. ‘Acererak’ and ‘Kate Bishop’ are there to combat the team’s Achille’s Heel: ‘Scarlet Witch’, as well as ‘Kate Bishop’ bringing the ever useful global.

There seems to be a lot of things relying in Globals right now too, so I’ve dropped ‘Polaris’ on to run interference.  A bit too much ‘Magic Missile’ about of late. I’ve also chucked the promo ‘Black Widow’ in as a little bit of insurance.

I recorded all my matches so here’s the run down of my 3 rounds…




This vid is an exceptional example of bag management on my part – an absolute masterclass…

There you go folks, I hope you enjoyed watching my vids. I went 3-0 through the night and managed to win the thing. I’m making a bit of a habit of this winning thing – I don’t expect it to last.

Thanks to Stu, Michael & Jac for allowing me to record our games and share them. Whenever I am free on a Thursday I’ll be jumping into the ‘Dice Fight’ so keep your eye out for more game coverage on the channel in the future.

What do you think about the team? How do you like to build with ‘Boom Boom’? Let me know in the comments below…

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