DM North “Team of the Month” 19/10/19 Youtube Rundown

Alright there folks, how’s it going?

I’ve been out & about again getting some online play in. This week a rare opportunity to pull an all-nighter presented itself (I have no Sunday Dad duties!) so I shifted over to Canadian time for DM North’s “Team of the Month” event online.


If you aren’t aware of the “Team of the Month” event (referred to as TotM for short) it’s an online casual get together where the DM North guys set some team building challenges/restrictions to encourage some fun teams. You can find info on this month’s event HERE ,which was a Single Affiliation night.

There were 5 players in attendance for this particular event, so we sadly had a bye, but it was a relaxed and fun event nonetheless. We played 3 X 30 minute single-game rounds, with the winner declared at the end of the Swiss.

I ran the same Bat-Family list I ran at the “True Mister Six, in collaboration with CR Game Room, Birthday Bash”. Let’s take a quick look at the team…

The “Dynamic Duo” Team

SA Bat Family

The foundation of the team is the ‘Robin – Reckoning’ & ‘Batman – Natural Leader’ combo. ‘Robin’ becomes unblockable when ‘Batman’ is the field, so the plan is to buy up ‘Batman’ cheap with his discount, buy up my ‘Robin’ dice and attack repeatedly until I have lethal.

For some added punch I’ve put the ‘Thomas Wayne – Knight of Vengeance’ and ‘Utility Belt – Anything You Need’ combo in. ‘Thomas Wayne’ has the ‘Gadegeteer’ keyword, and ‘Utility Belt’ gives a character +3 attack, so the plan is to buy ‘Utility Belt’, attack with ‘Thomas Wayne’ at the same time I attack with ‘Robin’, and use Gadgeteer to roll in the just bought ‘Utility Belt’ and bump up the attack value on my unblockable ‘Robin’.

‘Thrown Brick’ doubles up as ramp and a removal option when paired up with ‘Batgirl’. ‘Oracle’ is in there to make it harder for any ‘Distraction’/’Static Field’/’Blink Transmutation’ global shenanigans messing with my ‘Robin’ assaults. ‘Commissioner Gordon’ deals with the painful fielding costs, and finally we have ‘Alfred – MI-5’ to give me some cheap blocking power.

Let’s see how the games went…

Game 1 – Laurier

Game 2 – Kim

Game 3 – Reg


I love playing Single Affiliation, I think it may be my absolute favourite format in the game, but my version of the Bat-Family is just a little too slow to really make best use of the promo ‘Robin’. I’m going to tinker with it some more and look into switching some things up to see if I can’t get it going a bit quicker.

Let me know your thoughts. What’s your favourite affiliation to make whole teams out of in Dice Masters? Any great suggestions to improve my team? Any affiliation you wish was better? Pop a note in the comments below…

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