European Open Weekend – Pauper Team Lists

The first day of the Wizkids European Open Weekend has been in full swing today at iHRYsko in Bratislava and today’s event was Pauper.

It’s been a fun day – and I’ve hustled around to grab the teams for you all in the hungry, hungry horde.

It was a bit hectic so I’ve grabbed photos of the lists and will come back and sort it proper when I have more time. There were 12 players and the winner was declared based on Swiss performance, but I only seem to have managed 10 of the teams. Honestly though, Pauper is so repetitive right now I wouldn’t know who’s was who’s if it wasn’t for the mats! Still, my apologies to the 2 guys I missed in all the hustle. (I’ve not figured who’s missing at this stage, sorry 😬)

Speaking of winner – congratulations to Spug who took the top spot In this particular event.

So, for your viewing pleasure, here they are. I’ve separated Spug as the winner for now by and just chucked the rest of us in for now…


Everyone else I managed to get…

Oh… and let’s not forget my own shower-of-shite team, that took a grand total of NO GAMES through the first event!

That’s all for now folks – we drafted until very late and then it’s an early start this morning for the main Modern event.

Back soon!

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