What’s that? New WWE set spoilers?

Dice Masters WWE Box Art

Yes, that’s right folks, with the imminent North American release of the WWE Campaign box & associated Team Packs the padlock has come off the spoilers vault at Wizkids.

Indeed; a small handful of cards have been distributed to non-Worlds commentating content creators and we have the BritRollerSix/MoD selection here for you to enjoy!

Let’s not delay with all my chitter-chatter – here they are…

*Disclaimer: the WWE spoilers have been a bit sporadic, and a number of them shared by audio (on Rollin’ Thunder), on video (by DMArmada) and across a number of Facebook galleries, not to mention my own posts here. Therefore I’m not 100% certain all of these haven’t been previously spoiled and I’m a bit pressed for time to double check. So… apologies in advance if some of these are already out in the wild.

Triple H – Pedigree

Check out the keyword combo o this bad boy!

Triple H Pedigree

This ‘Triple H’ marks the return of a Dice Masters keyword that, to date, has only existed on one other card in the game. (‘Half-Orc Barbarian’ from Faerun Under Siege for fact fans.)

He’s a big Overcrusher, but with the added value of being able to smash another of your opponent’s dice too.

Nice and thematic – at least I’m assuming, with that big ass Steel Mallet in his picture.

Shinsuke Nakamura – Kinshasa

Your opponent’s planning on chump blocking your beat stick with a weenie Sidekick? Think again…

Shinsuke Nakamura

I can see a pretty straight forward application for this guy – killing Sidekicks so your opponent is given the tough choice of blocking with their valued characters or letting you through. Pair with big stat-ed horrors to really apply pressure to your opponent’s decision making during the attack step.

Not too much of a slouch himself in the Attack stat department at top level for a 3 cost either.

Sasha Banks – It’s Boss Time!

Excited to roll that Overcrushing ‘Beck Lynch’ but struggling to meet the fielding cost? Get some help from another Diva then, of course…

Sasha Banks Boss Time

The reality of this one is simple – making stuff cheaper is super useful. Remember also that “Superstar” is a generic term that means “character” in all other Dice Masters contexts so her benefit applies to any character you are looking to field in a Modern Constructed build. AND it’s a standing discount to fielding costs as it’s ‘While Active’, so get her in the field and she’ll do a job – it’s not like she’s expensive to buy herself.

Ronda Rousey – Bad Reputation

She’s Rowdy!

Ronda Rousey Bad Reputation

I’m a little unsure of this one. Anything that’s a ‘Lose life’ effect instead of damage is always a bit eye catching as it’s not preventable by Meta Control staples like ‘Bishop – Butterfly Effect’ and ‘Black Widow – Agent’, but I’m equally a little under-whelmed by it in comparison to the cost of getting ‘Ronda’ out.

I can see a situation where it might add up though: throw ‘Ronda’ across the field relentlessly and chip away at the weenie blockers getting a bit of damage through from the game-text.

We’ll see…

Mankind – The Hardcore Legend

This guy’s got a sock on his hand. Can any WWE fans out there tell me if the sock has got a name?

Mankind The Hardcore Legend

First – I’ve mentioned this before in a previous spoiler post where we saw another ‘Mankind’ – look at the defense numbers on this guy. That’s some bargain stats for his purchase & fielding cost, especially in a set where big Overcrushers are a thing.

His game-text is kinda curious too. I like the idea of dropping this guy in the field and getting a prepped die every time my opponent does some ‘Mimic’ ramp or even just uses a ‘Resurrection’ global. It’s a nice way to keep pace and turn your opponent’s ramp into a benefit for you too. I’m into it.

“Macho Man” Randy Savage – Macho Madness

Is this the “cream rises to the top” guy?

Macho Man Macho Madness

In the current Modern Meta I cant see how I might use this guy over ‘Spot – Portal Jumper’, but this may be yet another indicator of an upcoming rotation (which I debate HERE) and, should ‘Spot’ rotate out I can see “Macho Man” having a place on casual and theme teams paired with the ‘Investigation’ Basic Action.

Bobby Heenan – Superior Brain Power!

This is the third and final ‘Bobby Herman’ card now to be revealed, and yet another example of a Classic Keyword making its way into the WWE sets.

Bobby Heenan

With all the big, beefy, Overcrushing beat sticks in this set I can def see a card that spins them up to Level 3, and to those nastier Attack stats, having a place.

Yet another thematically solid card too – the idea that he’s giving a speech and getting the Wrestlers all riled up feels kind of right too.

You can never have too many cheap Mask characters either.

Sting – Scorpion Deathlock

The unfortunate love child of Bass playing Singer/Song Writer and a rejected Sith Crime Lord, and an example of the new ‘Tag Out’ keyword in the WWE set.


Once again; the combat heavy focus comes through loud and clear with ‘Tag Out’ offering yet another option to pump up those mean Overcrushers and maximise the damage output of your team.

With his fielding costs you’re not going to feel too pained throwing ‘Sting’ into Prep from the Field Zone time & time again to get that sweet buff on one of your other attackers.


There we are then folks, some more tasty spoiler morsels to increase your sense of WWE anticipation.

Let us know your standouts from the selection above – who do you like? Who don’t you like? Any combos spring to mind? Post in the comments below…

Struggling to find the WWE set in the UK? My local store can mail order it to you. You will find it at the Element Games web store at this link.


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