UK Players – Upcoming MoDPDM Information…

The first MoDPDM of 2020 is here!

That’s right folks – we have finalised details for the first MoDPDM of the year and are pleased to be announcing the details.

MoDPD… what?

For those not in the know – it an acronym for “The Ministry of Dice Presents Dice Masters…”

3/4 times a year the Ministry of Dice podcast hosts a Dice Masters tournament for UK players to keep the f2f spirit of the game alive.

The events are underpinned by our core game-play philosophy:

  1. If there is no official Organised Play then we’ll organise our own
  2. Players of all abilities and experience are welcome – it is a relaxed affair for us to enjoy together
  3. Everybody gets to play Dice Masters ALL DAY. No top cuts, no eliminations.

This is the 3rd year of MoDPDM’s and we would like to encourage Dice Masters players from across the Isle to come along and roll some dice with us.

Give us the when & where?

The event is scheduled to take place on Saturday 7th March at GTG Games & Hobbies in Stoke-on-Trent.

The store opens at 11am and we will need to commence rounds promptly so STRONGLY encourage pre-registration (details on that below).

Rounds last 45 minutes and are “best of 3”. In the event of an incomplete game at time the player with the highest life total will be declared the winner.

Number of rounds through the day will be depend on the number of participants, but we will be concluding the event in time for the store to close promptly at 5pm.

What’s the team building format?

The team building format will be “Modern Global Escalation”.

Teams should be built from the Modern card pool, however any Top 2 teams from official 2019 Championship/Nationals will be banned EXCEPT for cards with globals. For anyone interested which events these are:

  • European Championship
  • Canadian Nationals
  • US Nationals
  • World Championship (Otherwise known as the North American Championship)

The list of banned cards are as follows:

Atlantis – Wealthy Kingdom
Black Canary – Flower Shop Owner
Black Widow – Agent
Dani Moonstar – Empathic Illusion Casting
Doom Lance
Green Devil Mask – Lesser Trap
Green Lantern – Human
Iceman – Right on Schedule
Mimic – Borrowed Talent
Mimic – Flying, Blasting, Slashing
Morph – The Comedy of Tragedy
Norman Osborn – Don’t Call Me ‘Nobby’!
Psylocke – Reforming X-Force
Scarlet Witch – Careful What You Wish For
Shriek – Sonic Beam
Steve Trevor – Themysciran Liason
Storm – Morlock Champion
The Atom – Professor
The Collector – Taneleer Tivan
The Question – Vic Sage
Thrown Brick
Wonder Woman – Reflections
Wong – Expert of Kamar-Taj
Wrecker – Enchanted Crowbar
Yellow Lantern Ring – Weaponer’s Ring
Yuan-Ti Pureblood – Lesser Humanoid

Standard Wizkids card bans are also in effect.


Prizes will be awarded for first place, second place and “Fellowship” player.

In addition: this event will mark the return of the legendary “True Mister Six Raffle Box of Swag” and we will be operating the raffle on the day. That means that EVERY GAME WON will earn a raffle ticket for a prize out of my special box of goodies. Tonnes of great swag in there, ask around, it’s a thing. So even if you’re not on your best form and unlikely to hit first or second pulling a few game wins will still get you a little something to walk away with and motivate you into the next round.

Anything else to know?

GTG Games & Hobbies has a strict “no food & drink” rule other than bottled water. A break will be called at the halfway point of the day to allow us to disseminate into Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent and enjoy the culinary delights of the City Centre.

It is also a City Centre store, so please please leave enough time to get parked up if travelling by car. There are a number of reasonable “all day” car parks just outside of the main shopping area you might want to look into before coming down.

Pre-booking Entry

As this is a fan created event – pre-booking your ticket is a big help and allows us gauge numbers and ensure sufficient prizing is available for the Raffle. Seating is also limited so pre-booking is recommended to avoid disappointment.

You can pre-book your entry here:

Tickets are £7.50. £2 of this fee is the table charge at GTG and the remaining £5.50 contributes entirely to prizing costs and Eventbrite fees.

Anything else?

Nope, just that we are super-excited to see players from the UK community there to roll scads & scads of dice together. MoDPDM’s are always great fun and it’s always a pleasure to meet up with players across the UK and put some faces to the names we often only interact with online.

See you there folks!


  1. Literally in Stoke on Trent the next week after this. At least this means the store will get a visit from me if they stock Dice Masters product.


    1. Drop in and say ‘Hi’ – they’re a really good bunch over at GTG and super-friendly. If you take a team you may even find 2/3 having a bit of a casual game.


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