The MoD YouTube Dice Masters Content

Hi folks,

Just a quick reminder that MoD is trying out some new video formats on the YouTube channel. We’d love it if you gave them a try and let us know if this type of content is the type of stuff you’d like to see and are finding helpful.

We have 3 active video series running right now. We thought it might be helpful at this point, where we are trying to add more variety to our meagre offering, to re-visit the channel with our readers, provide an intro to each of video series and an example of the videos…

“Havin’ a Brew”

The “Havin’ a Brew” series is all about team brewing, and is the space where we present team ideas, take a closer look at key cards and discuss popular combos.

Perhaps you’re a newer player who needs some of the community short hand de-mystifying that we use in other channels like the podcast, or are an experienced player keen to stay in the loop on interesting ideas we’ve curated & commented on from around the community. In either case; this may be an interesting channel for you.

You can find the playlist HERE, and this is an example vid from the series:


“And Now for Something Completely Different…”

This series is where you’ll find any videos we produce that are not game-play or card related, but are things we find interesting and we think the community might too. We’ve just kicked this series off and it isn’t entirely defined what will be in this playlist, but it will be one to watch for some of the more creative and curious videos we put out.

Here’s the first vid of the series, some small contribution to the Online Dice Masters play cause…



This series is entirely what it says on the tin: it includes all live recorded online game-play. There will be MoD participation in Online tournaments, team practice for IRL tournaments, and the regular, games with theme teams & brews we discuss on the podcast.

This is the longest running type of content we have been putting out on the channel so there is a wealth of fun format builds, janky wombo-combo experiments, and serious competitive builds to watch in action. Plus – lots of bants!

HERE is the playlist, and this is a recent example of a vid:


There we are then readers – we hope this has been useful to give some small bit of context on the channel and maybe introduce the YouTube element of our fan-made operation.

Please do head on over and give them a try, and send a little feedback our way to let us know what you might like to see in our YouTube output.