MoDCribz Dice Masters Challenge…

In our latest episode of the MoD podcast Andy & I discussed a recent video we created for our YouTube channel. (If you’ve not listened yet – shame on you – you’ll find it HERE)

The video was an “Online Set Up” vid that showed off behind the scenes of how we play Dice Masters Online. It may, or may not, have been a content idea that was *inspired* by the gaming set up videos the Minecraft Youtubers my kids watch have done. (It was – I robbed their idea wholesale LOL)

Here’s the vid I’m talking about:

We’re massive advocates of playing Dice Masters online here at The Ministry of Dice. Andy & I play using Google Hangouts every week and enjoy getting involved in the Online tournament scene, and we really wanted to just show anyone who’s interested how easy it can be to get set up & rolling online.

That brings me to the challenge of this post’s title. In addition to the natter about the video on the ‘cast we also laid down a challenge to Online Dice Masters community: MoD CribZ.


What we’d like to ask you to do, dear reader, is get your phone out and record a short 2-3 minute clip of your Online Play set-up, just like we did in the video above, and send it to us for a compilation video we are preparing. You can send it to us at our Facebook page HERE.

The intent is two-fold. First: we think it will be fun. We like having our listeners/viewers contribute and get involved with our wacky ideas (even if we sometimes don’t quite pull them off) It may end up a bit of a shambles, but it’ll be a laugh and worthwhile nonetheless because it’s something we’ll do together.

Second: we believe that the wider variety of play spaces, set ups, equipment etc a Dice Masters player who has been tentatively thinking about Online play sees the greater the chance they’ll give it a go. There’s also some warm, friendly folk out there who like to roll online, and maybe hearing some voices and getting a sense of how nice we all are might help too.

So… what are you waiting for? Don’t be shy, get that vid made and fire it over to us and you’ll get to see yourself on a “…and now for something completely different” MoD episode soon…

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