The Ministry of Dice YouTube Channel Keeps Truckin’

The YouTube channel has been filled with lovely content since I last posted an update. If you’ve not been checking it out then let me show you what you’ve been missing out on…

Game Play Vids

The Ministry of Dice get together every week for some online games and we always record at least one game. Andy worked his Warriors Three list quite intensively throughout this month while I tinkered away with some fun stuff from the new sets. Let’s share a few of the highlights.

Here’s a cheeky twist on Tag Out I gave a try…

Here’s one where I had a little experiment with some of the new D&D Infiltrate stuff…

And this one is an update on an old Foetid Bloat Drone list with a sprinkle of WWE to give it a lift.

MoDCRibZ Vids

Last month; Andy & I did a little “behind the scenes” vid that showed off our set ups for playing Dice Masters online. We called it our “MoDCribZ”.

We put a call out to the Online Play community to share their MoDCribZ and have been compiling them as instalments on the YouTube channel. Here’s the two latest ones…

Havin’ a Brew Vids

The “Havin’ a Brew” series is when we put videos out that discuss Dice Masters cards, combos, team brews, formats and such like.

Over the last few weeks we’ve put a handful of those out too, discussing a variety of ideas we have about making teams.

In this one; we discuss the new meta, heralded by the arrival of the WWE sets, and the place for Control in a Combat meta…

And here’s one that talks about some fun casual formats that are popular down my FLGS…

And this one is for newer players, discussing 5 Globals we believe every player should give a try…

There’s so much more coming down the pipeline – more game play, more hints & tips, and more MoDCribZ.

We know from the YouTube analytics that nearly half of our viewers are not currently Subscribers. Subscribing to a channel is a great way to show support & encouragement for any YouTube channel so please do take the briefest of moments to tap that “Subscribe” key – it shows us that you are interested in our content and spurs us on to do more.

If there’s any suggestions then hit the “Contact Us” button over on the top right of this page – we love hearing from the listeners/viewers and are always keen to hear about aspects of the game of Dice Masters you would like us to cover: perhaps there’s a card you’d like us to have a brew around, a combo to share, an event to announce, or a fun idea you need someone game to give it a try. Let us know.

Thanks for watching – catch you next time. 🙂

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