Exclusive Dark Phoenix Card Spoiler

That’s right boys & girls, the MoD are here to share an exclusive card spoiler to tease the upcoming Dark Phoenix set.

We’ve got a never before seen Super-rare for you to feast your eyes on. In these strange times what better than a glimpse at something to get excited about when the world finds its way through it all this and gets back to some form of normality.

The Dark Phoenix Saga is slated for release this June. Time will tell in the current worldwide circumstances whether that will be possible, but little spoiler-y bits are leaking out here & there (Take a look at Jimmy Darwin O’Brian’s recent Facebook post with a few spoilers on it for a handful more.) to keep use good and teased in the meantime.

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The Spoiler

Here then… for your enjoyment… is the Super Rare “Master Mold – Endless Sentinels”.

Yowser! Quite the game-text to get your head around there.

It’s got pretty standard, meaty stats for a card of its cost, and carries the Villain affiliation (which could open some team building avenues). Those fielding costs are going to be painful so it’s one to play with a fielding cost discounter like ‘Yawning Portal’ or ‘Sasha Banks’.

I’m no rules guy but I’m pretty sure you can Field and then attack with/or KO the just fielded ‘Master Mold’ to initiate the effect (it does not say “other Master Mold”) so it’s kinda giving you two characters for the price of one if you set it up right.

That isn’t the limit of its possibility either – played right and you could have yourself an unlimited source of 5/5 characters. One to try with a KO global I think (and the aforementioned Fielding cost discount option): rinse & repeat with ‘Nihiloor’ global to KO and re-field turn after turn, or attack over & over growing your field and then ‘Static Field’ global it back.

It’s got a feel of janky fun for sure, and looks like it will be very satisfying if you manage to pull it off in epic fashion. Find a board clear solution for the turn after and you’v easily got 20 points of damage waiting to do their thing.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of the ‘Master Mold’? Any interesting combo ideas to try out with this one? Got a wombo combo that occurs to you? We’d love to ear from you so get typing…

Edit: if you’ve come here for Dark Phoenix Saga spoilers then you need to know we’ve had waaaaaay more reveals at BritRollerSix since this article was first purchased. If you want to see even more Dice Masters Dark Phoenix spoilers then you want to be checking out the cards in our gallery on the “Dice Masters Spoilers from Unreleased Sets” page. Go check it out!


  1. Wow, ce serait une si bonne carte si le poste était un autre jour que le premier mercredi d’avril de l’année …. Les jetons appartiennent à D&D et non à Marvel … J’aimerais que nous ayons Blood Angels jusqu’à ce que nous regardions vers l’avenir à.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong but you get a token from doing any of those 3 things. Pretty sure they mean’t when fielded and then you do one of those next two. They need to remove the comma before the word or.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. To me it reads that a token is fielded for all 3 actions, fielding, attacking and KOing. It seems really powerful, but thematically accurate as the sentinels just keep on coming, there are hundreds already available and are being continually produced. The seems like the Rachel/hope summers combo was made for this!

      Liked by 2 people

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