CR Game Room Monthly “One Shot” – Sat 18th April

The second monthly Dice Masters event organised by the guys over at CR Game Room took place this weekend and I signed up to take part.

CR Game Room events are exclusively held online. They hold a “Two Team Take-down” Dice Masters tournament that takes place over an extended period but they have recently started to hold single day events (“one-shots”) where all rounds are held on the same day. If you want to get better acquainted with the guys over at the CR Game Room and what they’ve got going on you can head on over to their website or tune in to their live stream over YouTube on a Wednesday night. You can also find my coverage of the first event that took place in March in this blog post here.

As usual, before I get into, a quick pitch in support of playing Dice Masters online in this manner. It’s soooooo easy to do and the game lends itself exceptionally well to playing in this manner with a few simple bits of etiquette. I made a post on the subject recently that you may find helpful if you’ve not hopped into that space as it collates a number of useful links with tonnes of info & support such as instructional videos, Discord chats and our own MoDCribZ series.

Right – onto the event then.

It took place on Saturday 18th April, kicking off late afternoon for me here in the UK. There were 12 players in the event, mostly from the UK & North America. The format was Modern Constructed and was intended as a competitive “last hurrah” for the popular cards from the 2019 meta that were about to rotate out in a short while, so it was stressed that the expectation was “bring your A game”.

Here’s some info about the team I played…

The Team

I wanted to run something reasonably competitive, but also wanted to get something out on the table I loved that I found fun to play. With a proud love of direct damage spam, and a sexy looking alt-art foil little used, I felt like I had no other choice but to get an old favourite: ‘Boom Boom – Time Bomb’ out on the table. I mean… I had this awesome foil alt-art version I picked up at Euro Champs last year.

I’ve played a few variations of this time over the last few years, but I’ve put a little new twist on it. Before I get into my thinking about the brew, here’s the specific list I played on the day: Chris’ CRGR Boom Boom List

The strategy to win with this one was to get ‘Boom Boom’ out on the table, copy her with ‘Hope – Pluripotent Echopraxia’, and use my cheap Basic Action dice over & over to drive damage through for lethal, usually over a couple of turns.

The Basic Actions I chose to support the win con was ‘Thrown Brick’ and ‘Shocking Grasp’. In the first instance they were “on the list” as cheap actions, both respectively coming at a low cost of 2 energy.

I also found them attractive as they both have the ability to move into my Prep Area after use (providing I meet the criteria). This is a nice bonus for an incapable bag manager such as me because it cuts the bag cycle out and gets them in my Prep Area locked & loaded for use the following turn. ‘Thrown Brick’ also helps with a bit of Ramp & Churn through the mid-game.

One of the newer twists on the team was ‘Manshoon – Clone Wizard’. I had a suspicion that it might be pretty handy to have some wide board control. Even with just one Basic Action going off on a turn I can interfere with things like ‘Mimic’ ramp, but as the team picks up pace I can start rolling a couple of Basic Actions a turn and keep some higher defence stuff in check.

The removal capability of the team is strong, but it’s fatal flaw was it’s reliance on Basic Actions, meaning it could fall easily victim to ‘Scarlet Witch – Careful What you Wish For’. I popped a couple of solutions to hopefully deal with her: ‘Acererak – The Eternal’ for his action re-roll global and ‘Kate Bishop – Straight Shooter’ who deals 3 damage to a Villain when she’s fielded. ‘Kate Bishop’ also came with the added advantage of her own global that would help me manage early aggro damage from nasty attackers.

I was a bit nervous about board clear strategies like ‘Rachel Summers’, ‘Hellfire Club’, Breath Weapon Dragons and ‘Seething Corruption’ combos so I dropped ‘Doop – Lights! Camera! Action!’ into the team as a piece of situational help to try my hand at some shenanigans if any of those wide KO effects were used. He is an X-Men affiliated character too, so in a pinch I could copy him with ‘Hope’.

Speaking of X-Men affiliated characters: I also anticipated some direct damage stuff to be about, specifically ‘Green Lantern – Human’ and ‘Iceman – Right on Schedule’, so I dropped ‘Bishop – Butterfly Effect’ on the team. I could copy him with ‘Hope’ in the early game if I needed (although she’s not as hard to remove as him) until I ramp up with my ‘Thrown Bricks’ to buy him legit.

Finally – I popped ‘Atlas’ on the team for his prep global. Ramp & bag re-set. not much more to be said on that one.

With the team decided – it’s on to the games…

The Rounds

Round One – Stephen

My first round match was against the estimable Stephen, the DMArmada himself, who was running a pretty classic ‘Collector’/’Nobby’ Villian Control list.

Here is Stephen’s Team: DMArmada Villain Control team

And here is my game with Stephen on Youtube:

Round 2 – Chazz

Into round 2 and I was up against Chazz, a regular on the Discord’s and a thoroughly lovely chap to play.

Chazz was running an Infiltrate team supported by ‘Mimic’ ramp, centred around ‘Rogue – Mother Issues’ to give his Sidekicks Infiltrate.

Here is Chazz’s team: Infiltrate a la ChazzKaz

And here is my game with him on YouTube:

Round Three – Rob P

My third round was against Rob P, Breath Weapon X’er and Mr Trucker man himself. (Who made a tremendous contribution to our MoDCribZ part 4).

Rob was playing a janky combo team that focused on ‘Madame Web’ and ‘Howard Stark – Expert Businessman’ to put big damage through. There was also an awesome control twist with ‘Adam Warlock’ and ‘Knowhere’.

Here is Rob’s list: Trucker Man’s Businessman team

And here is my game with Rob on YouTube:

Round 4 – Stu

On to the final round and my last opponent was Stu, better known as Stu.ART, the alt art sketcher extraordinaire.

Stu was running a team with ‘Mimic’ ramp and ‘Hulk – Power of Attorney’ as the win condition.

Here is Stu’s team: Stu.ARTs Hulking Terror

And here is my game with Stu on YouTube:

And the Winner is…

We wrapped up at four rounds and, with a 4-0 result Ben Said Scott took the top spot. Congrats Ben. 🥳

With my 3-1 result at the conclusion I placed third, with DMArmada taking the second place. I’m pretty pleased with that result – counting my blessings that I only encountered one ‘Scarlet Witch’ throughout my four rounds.

The event was run with Swiss precision so I have to offer my thanks to the lads over at CR Game Room. Be sure to keep an eye out on their channel over the next week or so as they post the commentated games they streamed on the day. Cheers guys.

Everyone I played was a top notch fellow and made the whole thing mega-fun to be involved in – a thanks to Stephen, Charles, Rob & Stu for the great matches.

I’ll re-iterate from the top of this post – I highly recommend that, if this is of interest, you keep an eye out on the web page or join their Discord group for news & information on upcoming events, or tune in to their live stream every Wednesday on their YouTube channel where they often make announcements and discuss upcoming plans.

Maybe I’ll see you down a webcam in an event soon. 🙂

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