The Ministry of Dice YouTube Channel Update

Yes folks, that’s right, it’s time for the monthly update of juicy Dice Masters video content over on the Ministry of Dice YouTube channel. I keep slipping with these – it has, in fact, been 5 weeks since the last update, but I’m sure you’ll forgive me; I’ve been super-busy sitting at home, staring at this wall above my desk, considering whether to remove this picture-less piece of white tac. Y’know, keeping busy during these quarantine times n’all, got to stay sane…

Anyway… here’s a run down of what’s been going on in MoD YouTube land (Which you should totally Subscribe to, by the way, it’s awesome!) …

Dice Masters Game Play Vids

The MoD have been maintaining their weekly, standing get together for some online games of Dice Masters and, as always, we’ve recorded a handful for sharing on the channel.

As the new Campaign box product arrives we have a selection of vids where we get stuck into some new, mid-range combos we want to try out. Like this one where we test out a Jubilee card each…

Or this one where we pit the X-Men of X-Men: Forever against a selection of Adventurers from Trouble in Waterdeep (I wanted to see if the Experience keyword has some legs when you can’t guarantee Monsters around) …

Perhaps you’d like to see how the beat-stick of Waterdeep ‘The Godcatcher’ matches up against ‘The Rock’? (Spoiler – it hardly matters – we both have Godcatchers LOL)

Maybe you’d like to see Andy get all frothy now the long awaited Becky Lynch is in his collection and ready to play? Some say she’s the best card in Dice Masters.

Finally, as the current rotation comes to a close we take one last lap around the playmats with a couple of our favourite win cons from the 2019 Modern card pool. We’ll let you decide whether I cheated or not…

MoDCribZ Vids

We’ve continued our “behind the scenes” vids of play set ups from contributors across the Dice Masters online community. This is our small effort to encourage & support the playing of Dice Masters through digital means by demonstrating how simply & straightforward it really is.

There’s some particularly notably player set ups in the two latest instalments. Check them out…

“Havin’ a Brew” Vids

The “Havin’ a Brew” series is the place on the YouTube channel where we post video content that covers stuff on Dice Masters cards, team building, formats, ways of playing and such like, and we added some more to this series last month too.

This vid might be of interest to players who are new to the game of Dice Masters. In it I share some steps I’ve been taking (and continue to take – I’m still pretty garbage) to become a better Dice Masters player. It’s got some thoughts on team building, purchasing strategy and game play approaches that could be really useful for some.

On the subject of vids that might be of interest to players new to Dice Masters, and continuing in the vein of “useful hints & tips”, Chris also shares some ideas about playing in the Draft format.

And lastly – in a converse approach – I discuss some of the cards he would never put on a team. Because they are “Stinkers”.

“And Now for Something Completely Different” Vids

We occasionally post content that’s not Dice Masters focused, or take strange detours that are still Dice Masters related but not quite in the space of game play or team building.

This month we did a review of ‘Kung Fu Zoo’ a popular game in my household that my kids really enjoy.

There we go then dear readers – there was much more than this too, such as the recorded game play from Chris’ participation in the CR Game Room online tournament, so we would highly recommend Subscribing to the channel to not miss all the content that’s going out across the channel. You’ll not find anywhere else putting out such a variety & range of Dice Masters content to suit all tastes.

Or consider following us on Facebook, where you will find up-to-the-minute updates of all our stuff. There you will get an update for every new podcast episode, information about our events, notifications of new vids, and a bit of whatever random thoughts enter our heads.

Thanks for reading folks and we hope you enjoy our vids. Catch you next time.

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