Podcast Follow Up – The Global Reversecalation Challenge

Hi folks,

If you’ve got around to listening to the latest episode of the Ministry of Dice podcast (Episode 70, you can find it here) you’ll hear the return of the Global Reversecalation challenge with the “Rotation Edition”. It’s a bit of fun where we reverse Dice Masters card titles & subtitles, then repeat the reverse speak to see how close to the original, intended words we can get.

As a part of the challenge we offer the opportunity for you, our dear listeners and valued members of the Ministry, to have a go for yourself and submit an attempt to be played on the next episode. See if you can do a better job than me LOL.

To make it a little easier to get involved this time around: here are the individual sound clips of the 5 challenges so you can listen to each one on their own when having a go yourself.

What do we need to do then?

Listen to the Dice Masters Card Titles & Subtitles, played in reverse, and repeat them as closely as possible into a recording device. Get in touch with us (e-mail andy@britrollersix.com or chris@britrollersix.com) to arrange delivery of the recordings and then we will turn them back the right way around for the upcoming segment in episode 71. The closesto f us to the actual title & subtitle gets the bragging rights.

Here they are then…

Clip One

Clip Two

Clip Three

Clip Four

Clip Five

What are you waiting for? Give it a go!

I mean… who doesn’t want to hear their voice on an episode of the Ministry of Dice, digitally manipulated by Andy?

It’s a bit of a laugh to while away some time during the Quarantine if nothing else, so if you’re game, and would like to feature in a segment on the next episode, then give it a go.

Thanks all, look forward to hearing from you…

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