The Ministry of Dice Support Drive: “Button-on-the-blog-a-thon”

Dice Masters Promo Sidekick dice Prizes MoDPDM

Yes, that’s right folks, it’s that time of year again – the time when the MoD run an annual fund-raiser.

Our 3 year anniversary as a podcast is swift approaching in July so we are getting everything ready to bring you a 4th year of outstanding Ministry of Dice content.

We are forever grateful to all of you for reading/watching/listening to our stuff, and for all of the support you have given us throughout our third year. It’s been an EPIC year all round for us here at BritRollerSix Towers; we expanded the variety of our YouTube content, grew our Facebook community, gave the website a much needed lick of paint, and (as of this moment) produced a further 21 classic episodes of inane podcast chatter on the subject of Dice Masters. We’ve brought you more up-to-the-minute news, reviews, release spoilers, game play, and team lists from UK based events than ever before.

None of it would matter without you guys of course, so let me say again; thanks sooooooo much for being a part of the Ministry. We love doing this, and love you guys for being a part of it too.

With the 3rd Birthday comes all of the annual renewal bills too. It can be a bit of a strain on our wallets, especially as we’ve put some investment into our technology the last couple of months, and so we’d like to turn to you, our trusted & faithful community, to maybe help us out a little.

How can we help?

We’re looking to raise funds to help us lighten the load of our bills this year, and so we’re going to hold a classic Ministry of Dice raffle under the title “Button-on-the-blog-a-thon”. (Get it?) A good, old-fashioned Tombola is just simply the British way, in the finest of Summer Fete tradition.

Like my Tombola Machine? Could your number be drawn?

We have hustled, traded and called in markers to secure some prestigious and pretty exclusive Dice Masters goodies to lay on as prizes in this fund raising raffle. As the number of donations increase, the more prizes get added to the pot.

Here’s how it will look:

1 – 5 donations and one lucky winner will receive a set of highly coveted Ministry of Dice custom accessories.

6 – 15 donations and an additional MoD set of custom accessories will be added to the pot.

MoD Accessory Packs – not pictured: the MoD Life Dial

16 – 25 donations and a set of MoDTastic Custom art cards: “MoD4Life Deadpool” and “Weeping Cosplay Melinda”, created by esteemed member of the Ministry Stu.ART, will be added to the pool.

26 – 35 donations and the prize pool will increase by a second set of outstanding MoDTastic sketch arts by Stu: “Salty McSaltface” and a “True Mister Exotic”. We’ll also chuck a third set of MoD custom accessories in, with this set including a limited edition MoD Wooden Spoon!

Top Row: Set 1 “MoD4Life Deadpool” & “Weeping Cosplay Melinda”
Bottom Row: Set 2 “Salty McSaltFace” & “True Mister Exotic”

36 – 45 donations and we’ll add a complete set of Judge Dredd themed alt-arts by Stu

45 – 55 donations will add a Limited Edition Premier Event Play Mat, autographed by Eric Lang himself.

Signed by Eric Lang at the 2015 UK Games Expo

AND if the donations total value come in over £200 (After Paypal take their fees) then one lucky winner will receive a genuine set of Limited Edition Gold Sidekick dice, won by me at the European Championship 2019, from my very own collection!

Gold Sidekicks!

That’s 8 prestigious prizes going into the pool!

AND, as if that wasn’t enough, the largest contributor will get to make a special request of the MoD! We’ve got a list of great ideas for this winner: guest appearance on the podcast to compete in “The Bar”, an exhibition game on the YouTube channel, early access to spoilers when we get them, take the lead on a segment, sing a duet… and much more. It’s your choice! We are open to negotiation and will probably accommodate any request within reason. (Andy would consider dusting off the PVC and making a home visit within reason for sure)

One entry costs £2.50 (approx $3 US, $4.30 CAN, €2.85 at the time of writing) and you can buy multiple entries to increase your chance of winning, or possibly win several prizes. For that price it’s worth picking up one or two tickets for a punt, particularly with those “one-of-a-kind” prizes up for grabs.

To enter – hit the “Support the Ministry” button at the bottom of the website homepage (or click this link here) and follow the instructions on Paypal’s donation system.

It’s easy & super-quick to do. As each donation comes in I’ll allocate a ticket number and get my virtual tombola machine to do the random selection. Entry deadline is Wednesday 6th June and we’ll announce the winners in the episode of the podcast that will be going out on the 11th June.

We want to be clear – SUPER CLEAR – this isn’t about making money out of you guys, its an ask for support solely to meet costs and to help us continue to improve our content proposition. All funds raised will be strictly used for BR6 and the MoD. So if you can – give us a bit to pitch in – throw a little cash in the pot. We’ll be pleased just to get a small amount of help with the upcoming web-hosting subscription and SoundCloud  renewal. 

Thanks folks – MoD4Life


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