Infinity Gauntlet & Dark Phoenix Saga Spoiler Pics Gallery

Infinity Gauntlet, Pip the Troll, Prince Gofern

Hi Folks! How’s it going?

I’ve been dropping spoiler reviews over on our YouTube channel lately and I was asked by a viewer if I’d be willing to put the card images up from the videos for easier perusal – to which I said “of course, happy to help”.

The vast majority of these had been previously spoiled elsewhere – particularly from the Preview draft & live streams that took place at the Worlds Memphis event last year – so a big shout out to DM North, Rollin’ Thunder, DMArmada, and Jimmy over at Wizkids for the original source material I was looking over for inspiration for the vids.

First – the video miniseries itself…


…and here is the card image galleries – including the exclusive spoilers we’ve received from Wizkids. Thanks Wizkids X

Dice Masters – Infinity Gauntlet Set

Dice Masters – Dark Phoenix Saga

Edit: if you’ve come here for Dark Phoenix Saga spoilers then you need to know we’ve had waaaaaay more reveals at BritRollerSix since this article was first purchased. If you want to see even more Dice Masters Dark Phoenix spoilers then you want to be checking out the cards in our gallery on the “Dice Masters Spoilers from Unreleased Sets” page. Go check it out!

Some Final Notes

If you’ve watched the videos you’ll have heard me say in the final instalment: I traditionally used to write up my Spoiler Reviews as articles here on the site but have clearly tried my hand at putting those out as thematic, video reviews this time around. Is it working for you? Let me know if you prefer the spoiler reviews as vids, written articles, or whether you’d like me to experiment a little with a balance of both.

I’ve got a few calls to action to finish off with as well.

If you’re not a Subscriber to the YouTube channel then be sure to do so – that way you’ll never miss any vids we produce with exclusive spoilers again, as well as game play, fun stuff, and the occasional non-Dice Masters game reviews. You can subscribe at this link here.

We also have our annual fund-raising drive open right now – we’re running a raffle for some really sweet Dice Masters goodies and is a great way to support the Ministry of Dice and help us meet the cost of running the site, the podcast, the YouTube channel and the MoDPDM events. Go take a look at the info at this link here.

Thanks for swinging by – we hope you enjoyed the spoilers – see you again soon 🙂


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