Latest Historical Dice Masters Pack: Lock-down Basic Actions

Pretty much since the beginning of the Ministry of Dice podcast (since episode 2 in fact) we’ve had a recurring segment called “Andy’s Q Branch”. This segment is the space where we let Andy’s creativity free and has included his (entirely not inspired by 80s quiz shows) quizzes, Google Translate game, and the classic Global Reverscalation. In these segments he has also dabbled with a little bit of custom creativity, most notably with the “Historical Dice Masters” sets.

In our latest episode (#72, “Geordi Racer Fly!“) Andy created a new Basic Action set for the Historical Dice Masters IP called “Lock-down”. It is, after all, one of the most historically significant events of our generation.

Here they are for you to enjoy. Hit download for a “print & play” pdf of the cards…

Please feel free to print these off. Just cut them out and slip them over the top of an old card in a card sleeve to play.

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