Dice Masters Infinity Gauntlet Counter Top Display Unboxing

Dice Masters Infinity Gauntlet, Doctor Strange "Worthy Sorcerer"

It was a pretty crazy MoD-Monday of Dice Masters awesomeness this week – not only did we post our latest podcast episode (with special guest Mike Ingledue from CR Game Room. You’ll find it HERE) , but we also did an exclusive Infinity Gauntlet Counter Top Display unboxing over on our YouTube channel.

This was a tremendous treat for us, and would like to thank Jimmy & the Marketing team over at Wizkids for offering us the opportunity. You guys are the best – cheers!

We had so much fun breaking it open live and taking a closer look at the cards & dice in this set, while chatting with those who joined us live in the chat. BUT, don’t despair if you couldn’t make it, because we’ve got you covered. First; the whole stream is sat in our YouTube “Live Stream” play list for your enjoyment after the event…

You should Subscribe to the channel – we produce loads of Dice Masters video content over there, including game play, reviews, and True Mister Six video presentations about all sorts of Dice Masters subjects. You can subscribe HERE.

As much as we’d love you to watch and enjoy our handsome features in addition to the cards/dice, we know that fitting in a 2 hour video can be a tall order. So, for those more interested in getting straight to the good stuff, or not a video person, here is a gallery of the pulls from the box for you all to casually peruse…

Infinity Gauntlet Commons





There we go folks – lot’s to be excited about for when these finally arrive. Release date appears to be still TBC in the current pandemic climate, so we don’t know when these will land. I’d recommend making sure you’re a member of the Dice Masters Unlimited Facebook group because I’m certain word will spread super-quick on there when a release date is finally locked in.

If spoilers are your thing – we have some additional video content & spoiler galleries on this post HERE. There’s a few cheeky Dark Phoenix Saga set ones in there. Check it out. Here’s the spoilers from Infinity Gauntlet that I have card images for but did not pull.

Card Spoilers I Didn’t Pull

So the only cards I’ve not got images of are:

  1. Adam Warlock UC
  2. Adam Warlock R
  3. Black Dwarf C
  4. Black Dwarf UC
  5. Black Panther UC
  6. Black Panther R
  7. Black Swan R
  8. Captain Marvel R
  9. Doctor Strange R
  10. Drax UC
  11. Drax R
  12. Ebony Maw R
  13. Gamora R
  14. Ghost Rider R
  15. Groot R
  16. Hela R
  17. Kang R
  18. Loki UC
  19. Ms Marvel UC
  20. Moon Knight UC
  21. Pip the Troll R
  22. Proxima Midnight C
  23. Rocket Raccoon R
  24. She-Hulk R
  25. Spider-Man UC
  26. Thanos UC
  27. The Collector UC
  28. The Spot UC
  29. Tombstone R
  30. Turk Barrett SR

Also – keep an eye out on DM-North’s site; Reg over there takes a keen, active interest in understanding the numbers when it comes to rarity distributions etc and has had a closer look at our unboxing. As I understand it he plans on writing up a bit of analysis in the next few days. You should take a look at all the cool stuff on their site in any case IMHO.

What do you think of the new set? Anything catching your eye? What are your top picks? Let me know in the comments below…


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