MoD Files – Your Monthly Ministry Update – July 2020

Welcome to the first instalment of the MoD Files: Your monthly one-stop shop for all the Ministry of Dice news, highlights & upcoming stuff that might be of interest to you.

A few months ago we started to post a monthly summary of MoD activity, but it was mostly focused on compilations of our YouTube content and had admittedly fallen into a very loose posting pattern. So we had a word with ourselves and decided to be a bit more organised & structured by making it an actual monthly thing. So – at the outset of every month you will find a “MoD Monthly Bulletin” here at BritRollerSix called “The MoD Files”.

As standard it will include MoD highlights from the previous month, a calendar of MoD “Dates for your Diary” coming up, the latest instalment of the “Draw & Roll” comic strip (That’s a new thing – tell you about that in a sec, scroll down to hear about that), and links to all of our different social media spaces. In addition you’ll find ad hoc news, shout-outs and info gathered from around the Dice Masters community that we wanted to share.

If you’re a casual peruse-er of our stuff then this is the post for you – a month’s worth of our key content outlined in one convenient post. Enjoy!

Headlines & Highlights

Earth X Origins

The “Earth X Origins – Roll Some Thunder” Online event took place on the 20th June, attracting 45 players in total. It was an Epic Day of Dice Masters and reports are that fun was had by all.

“Tuba2K7”, otherwise known as Alan, was the day’s champ after a well fought campaign of Becky-ness. Great job Alan!

A big “Thank you” goes to the Lads at Rollin’ Thunder for getting this all together and Ryan over at CR Game Room for getting the tech & infrastructure all sorted. You guys are THE BEST!

You’ll find Chris’ games from the day in our Live Game Play Playlist on MoDTube.

MoD Presents Dice Masters @ The Virtual UK Games Expo

If you caught the bug for online event play then you might like to take a look at the Dice Masters tournament scheduled at the Virtual UK Games Expo. You can find the details HERE.

We’d love to see you there 🙂

Infinity Gauntlet Unboxing

We were privileged & honoured to have received an early preview copy of an Infinity Gauntlet counter-top display to unbox. (A quick ‘thank you’ to Jimmy & the Marketing team over at Wizkids for thinking of us) We streamed the unboxing live and had tremendous fun with our viewers in the chat.

Click on the photo above to be taken straight to the vid, or you can head to the gallery of card images HERE.

North American Infinity Gauntlet Release Date

Speaking of the Infinity Gauntlet set – Wizkids solicits page has been updated and now includes a North American release date of July 22nd.

No word from international distributors on a specific release date for other Worldwide locations, but MoD sources assure us that it will ship in good time for the UKGE, which means there should be no issues with keeping it legal for all participants Worldwide. Fingers crossed.

July is a special month as we’re celebrating our Birthday! It’s been 3 years now since the start of the Ministry of Dice podcast AND 5 years since the start of the BritRollerSix fan-site! We want to sincerely thank you all for the support over the years & being a part of the Ministry.

We’ve got loads of content throughout July to celebrate, most notably we will be recording episode 76 of the podcast live on Friday 17th July over on our YouTube channel. We’d love for you to come & join us.

For that event we are asking for questions to include in an “Ask Me Anything”, so fire over your questions and we’ll answer as many as we can, for better or worse. Send them to or

The Draw & Roll Comic Strip

Check this out – our first instalment of “Draw & Roll”, a monthly, lighthearted look at the world of Dice Masters. We’re so pleased to have the illustrious Stu.ART on board to put these together, and I’m sure you’ll agree that he has done tremendous work once again. Take a look…

Make sure you come back for next month’s update to read the next instalment of “Draw & Roll” from Stu.ART studios.


Never miss another scheduled MoD event again with this handy Calendar of key dates for your diary.

MoDTube Round-Up

Last month was a busy ol’ month over on the MoD YouTube channel, with a wealth of Dice Masters goodies to avail oneself of. In addition to the Infinity Gauntlet unboxing mentioned above, here’s a Round-Up of some gems you might want to take a look at…

*Click the thumbnails to be taken straight to the vid 🙂

Live streamed game play trying out a new combo using the Infinity Gauntlet’s Rare She-Hulk & Drow Mercenary

More Hints & Tips on Dice Masters game play. In this instalment: identifying your areas of improvement for more wins.

Another live streamed game play vid with new Infinity Gauntlet cards. In this vid we try out the Rare Spider-Man spin down mechanic & a ramp combo using the new Iron-Lad.

We launched our new “Organised Play Kit Retrospective” series with a look at the first ever AvX promos & take a look at the comic book lore that surrounds them.

These are just the highlights; we post a minimum of 2 Dice Masters videos a week so be sure to subscribe to the channel & click the notification bell so you don’t miss out on the vids we make with love & care just for you.

Useful Links & Getting MoDSocial

There are loads of ways to get involved and be a part of the Ministry of Dice community. Find our content, join the conversation on our social media, and contribute to the continuous improvement of the output with these links below…

That’s all the updates for this month – come back on the 2nd August for a fresh look over everything between now & then, including the next humour strip from Stu.ART.

See you then 🙂

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