The Ministry of Dice Episode 75 “Ten Godcatchers In The Field”

The Ministry of Dice Logo (Dice Masters Podcast)

The Ministry of Dice is back once again with more Dice Masters podcast chat from the lads Chris & Andy.

It’s a team chat heavy episode this week – so strap in for lots of juicy card combo talk for the kings of mediocre game play.

We start with the usual conversation to warm up and catch up on all their gaming activity over the last couple of weeks before moving into a new segment “Set Battles”.

What’s Set Battles”? It’s where we take 2 Dice Masters sets, build teams from them, and discuss which set has the stronger meta cards.  It’s not just chat though – we’ll follow up by playing the teams live over on our YouTube channel ( to truly settle the debate.

Then it’s on to our re-cap of our participation in the Earth X Origins online event. We’ll share our teams and our ideas when we built them and run over some highlights from our games from the day.

Finally – it’s the return of a Ministry of Dice podcast classic with a True Mister Six Top Ten Countdown to finish us off this week – this one comes with a serious innuendo warning so cover those ears on the kiddies if you don’t want to be explaining some stuff.

All this, and sooooooo much more on the Ministry of Dice…

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Show Notes & Other Stuff

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Legal Bits N’ Bobs

The Dice transition sound effect was sourced from The account it was downloaded from is “dermotte” and is shared under the following license:

Our tremendous ‘Rule Britannia’ intro & ‘God Save the Queen’ outro is used with permission from Richard Campbell and are  short extracts from his “England Rock Anthems” track. We think Richard’s work is exceptional (You should see his Frankenstein Rock Opera). So, visit Richard’s website here for more of his music:

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