MoDPDM @ The UK Games Expo “Virtually Expo”

The Ministry of Dice at the UK Games Expo 2018

Since the start of the game of Dice Masters the UK Games Expo has been a key event in the Dice Masters annual calendar and in 2020, despite the current Worldwide circumstances, the game takes its place in its timetable once again.

If you’re not aware of the UK Games Expo: it’s the UK’s largest Hobby Games Convention traditionally taking place over the last weekend of May (Incidentally – the third largest tabletop games show in the World). For some number of years now it has taken place at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. Last year recorded it’s biggest year yet, with over 45,000 visitors across the whole weekend. Tabletop fans from all across Europe travel to Birmingham to enjoy the exhibition, get previews & demos of upcoming releases, participate in tournaments, and enjoy the evening entertainment.

There has been so much exciting Dice Masters stuff to come out of the Expo weekend. For example – there have been four UK National Championships throughout the history of Dice Masters and three of those have taken place at the UK Games Expo. In fact the first ever UK National Championship event to take place on these shores was at the Expo over the weekend of May 29th – 31st 2015, won by Patrick McDonagh. In addition to the tournaments it has often been the source of Dice Masters news & spoilers – Wizkids have had a presence there for years now and we’ve exclusively published a number of breaking items right here at, with unboxings of the Harley Quinn Team Pack, Kree Invasion Team Pack & Spider-Man Campaign box game texts and held interviews with the Wizkids team about Dice Masters (and many more of their games besides).

It could also be argued that the UK Games Expo events have been a hugely influential part of the Dice Masters meta too – often taking their place as the first event of the Wizkids competitive calendar. This is the place that firmly established the dominance of the “great” Bard/Imprisoned combo in 2016, showed the World that Super Rare Yuan-Ti still had it going on despite the Cosmic Cube ban, and established the possibilities of Control play with The Collector – Taneleer Tivan.

Sadly – for obvious reasons – the convention has had to be cancelled this year. Happily though they are holding the “UK Games Expo – Virtually Expo” as a digital alternative. While clearly not the same experience we think its still a great event and there is TONNES of awesome activity over the weekend. We would highly recommend you check some of it out. Here’s the UK Games Expo schedule. We’re particularly excited about the Ian Livingston reading and the Knightmare live, but have also heard really good things about the seminars and The Dark Room too. No need for an expensive flight or Expo weekend inflated hotel prices, and its open to visitors the World over with an internet connection. We might not be able to enjoy a “Becky’s Bhaji’s” at the street food area this year, but we can still get some Expo gaming goodness of some description in.

We are, of course, going to be a part of it too. The Dice Masters community is a perfect fit for the Virtual Games Expo; with its history of involvement AND its established experience of playing the game through Online solutions it’s a no-brainer. When we were asked to host an MoDPDM as part of the Expo we, of course, immediately said “yes”, but when we were subsequently asked to be involved in the Virtual Expo and whether Dice Masters could be good online fit we said “absolutely”.

So on Saturday 22nd August, 7pm BST The Ministry of Dice will be presenting Dice Masters at the UK Games Expo: Virtually Expo, and we’re inviting players worldwide to get involved.

We are overjoyed to be able to keep the Dice Masters UKGE legacy alive through these challenging times. We plan on firming up some finer details at the “four weeks out” mark, so keep an eye out for a further post on the 24th July, but in the meantime you can find most details (with registration links) at this link here:

MoDPDM @ Virtual UKGE

The TL:DR headlines for ya:

  • Swiss only event, no Top Cuts
  • 45 minute, best of 3 rounds
  • “Highest life at time” for incomplete games
  • Infinity Gauntlet legal (Keep an eye out for proxy information should European shipping not arrive in time)
  • Games played by webcam, event coordinated through Discord

There we go folks – come back a week on Friday for the next update, and look forward to seeing some of you there. šŸ™‚

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If it all sounds of interest, but you’ve never played Dice Masters Online before, then here are some useful resources for you to check out…

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