The Ministry of Dice Subscriber Giveaway


On our Third Anniversary Celebration stream last night we launched a competition for fans of The Ministry of Dice – a giveaway to our YouTube channel subscribers.

It’s been an extraordinary year for us at the Ministry of Dice, and one area of our content we’ve been working hard on developing is our YouTube output.

We play Dice Masters together every Wednesday, and for the longest time our main video output was footage of our game play. Since January 2020 though we have produced so much more, and our Dice Masters video content has expanded to include such series & playlists as:

MoDCribZ – a “behind the scenes” look at the online Dice Masters community play set ups

Dice Masters Tips & Strategy – where Chris shares reflections on his efforts to become a better Dice Masters player & win more games

Card & Spoiler Reviews – in which you’ll videos where we explore combo possibilities of spoiled cards, review sets & share teams (as well as spreading our wings into product unboxings)

Themes & Lore – with videos that take a look at Dice Masters through the lens of it’s Comic Book source material

Dice Masters Humour – Chris likes to make silly little skits sometimes. Occasionally they’re a little funny

It’s been a bumpy road with some ups & downs. Audio & video quality have been a challenge as we incrementally learn how to do that stuff better, and the editing talent has taken some developing too. We’re still working on it, and have a ways to go yet, but it is our hope that you can see some of the improvements coming through in the work bit by bit.

So… what’s the giveaway then?

We are currently sitting at 177 subscribers (at the time of writing) and have set ourselves a subscriber goal of 200. The aim of this giveaway is to encourage the viewers who are currently not subscribed to hit that button – so entry is as simple as this: when we hit 200 subscribers we’ll run a raffle.

All subscribers will get a single ticket in the hat and one lucky winner will receive this set of promos…

That’s right – your eyes do not deceive you, these are Animated X-Men Alt Art cards, won by me at the European Championship last year.

There is no time limit on this: the raffle will kick in at the point of our 200th Subscriber signing on to the channel. You must make sure you’re a visible Subscriber to be entered too, so some of our older subscribers might want to check their settings to make sure they will go in the hat when the raffle is drawn.

You can go to the channel and subscribe with this button here…

We’ll announce the winner on the nearest episode of the podcast to the point we hit the 200 Subscriber mark.

Best of luck everyone!


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