MoD Files – Your Monthly Ministry Update – August 2020

The MoD Files are back to give you the highlights from the Ministry of Dice in July and a look forward to what’s to come in August.

We’re chock full of great info in this month’s instalment too. We’ve got all of the “Headlines & Highlights” you’d expect, a run down of our top YouTube output, dates for your diary (there’s a big one coming this month) and, of course, the next edition of “Draw & Roll” from Stu.ART.

Let’s get into it…

Headlines & Highlights

Third Birthday

The Ministry of Dice Podcast reached it’s third year anniversary in July. Three whole years of Dice Masters chat of questionable quality πŸ˜‰

This landmark event was celebrated with a special episode that had a little bit of a twist; it was recorded live in front of a YouTube stream audience. You can check the whole broadcast out here at MoDversary special.

It was great fun, and we would once again like to thank all of our listeners, supporters, and contributors who helped us get this far.

Here’s to a fourth year of more podcasting nonsense & frolics from the MoD.

MoDTube Subs Giveaway

Fancy getting your hands on those sexy, lovely, hard-to-find alt art X-Men promos in the piccie above? Then here’s an opportunity brought to you by the MoD.

We have set a goal of 200 subscribers on our YouTube channel and, as a bit of a “call to action” to incentivise those viewers who have yet to subscribe we are offering one lucky subscriber the chance to win all four.

You’ll find the details here on the Subscriber Giveaway post.

Good luck to all our entrants!

New Site Pages

The attentive visitor to this site may have notice that we’ve recently expanded the menu at the top to include some new areas of the site.

Well… I say “new areas”, they were always there we were just not making good use of them so we’ve made them more prominent.

The gallery of “Unreleased Spoilers” has been tidied up (now just has Dark Phoenix Saga cards), the “Useful Resources” have been better organised, and an archive of these “MoDfiles” has been created – mostly so Stu’s great strips are better accessible.

Go check out the new pages folks – the resources has got some particularly interesting stuff including a complete list of Dice Masters promos & some handy retailer links.


Sadly, this year, there will be no UK Games Expo. Happily, we get the Virtually Expo instead! Hooray!

The convention is taking place the weekend of the 21st – 23rd August and has a tremendous schedule of tabletop gaming events everyday, including the Dice Masters Online tournament on the Saturday night.

Find details the Dice Masters tournament details here: MoDPDM @ UKGE , get the date in your diary and sign up on Challonge.

As a extra treat – we are considering opening up the “True Mister Six Mystery Prize box” for the event, so if you’ve always wanted a MoD Wooden Spoon now may be your chance!

The Draw & Roll Comic Strip

Yet another awesome, Dice Masters themed bit of humour from the fine pencil of Stu.ART. This month’s edition is called “MoDCribZ Xtreme

  • Jerry-Rigged Dice Masters Online
  • Trucker Bob - Dice Masters in the Cab
  • The Becky Player

Come back next month for more great funnies from Stu. Check out more of his stuff on his Facebook page here.


MoDTube Round Up

Another month of video entertainment to be found over on the Ministry of Dice’s YouTube channel, with loads of great Dice Masters content to be enjoyed. Here’s some of the highlights (click the thumbnail to be taken to the vid)…

Chris continues to share his journey to becoming a better Dice Masters Player and discusses the challenges he finds when selecting & playing with Basic Action Cards.

We’ve been putting some table time in with the Infinity Gauntlet set we were sent to unbox. In this video you’ll find some fun combos Chris has come across

The Wednesday Live Dice Masters play has been taking place all month, and our favourite game by far was a themed match where we replicated the Endgame and pitted the Avengers against Thanos & his Black Order. This one was a belter!

We’ve had another couple of instalments in our “Organised Play Retrospective” series, but this one is of note because we’ve changed the format a bit in our efforts to continuously improve. Give it a watch & let us know your thoughts on the new approach.

The diversity of the meta game in Dice Masters is an interesting subject, one we’ve talked about on the podcast and are now talking about in a video format.

There’s been LOADS more besides, these really are just a few stand-outs, so when you’re at a loose-end you should totally jump over to the channel and check out some more of our great content. AND subscribe if you don’t already to be in with a chance to win our subscriber giveaway.

Useful Links & Getting MoDSocial

There are loads of ways to get involved and be a part of the Ministry of Dice community. Find our content, join the conversation on our social media, and contribute to the continuous improvement of the output with these links below…

That’s all the updates for this month – come back on the 1st September for a fresh look over everything between now & then, including the next humour strip from Stu.ART.

See you then πŸ™‚

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