MoDPDM @ UKGE – Prizing Sneak Peek

Dice Masters at the UKGE 2020 Advert

Hello Dice Masters fans! Getting excited about the MoDPDM Online event at the UK Games Expo yet? We are, we can’t wait to bring you folks together for an awesome couple of hours of Dice Masters magic.

If you’re new around here – attracted to this post maybe because of the curious title – then jump over to these posts here to get caught up first…

MoDPDM @ The UK Games Expo “Virtually Expo”

MoDPDM @Virtually Expo – The Update

Great! Now everyone’s on the same page, about the prizing we alluded to in the update…

That’s right – those postage parcels of prize-y goodness have started to arrive at BritRollerSix Towers and we were too giddy not to start showing some of them off. There’s so much more to come yet (we’re keeping it hush until the packages arrive and are in our hands before publicising the rest, just in case) but in the meantime – here’s a sneak peek at a handful of the juicy goodies up for grabs…

Exclusive UK Game Expo Champ Mat

That’s right ladies & gents – the player taking the top spot will be winning this exclusive, “only available at this event”, custom Play Mat. Decorated with some of the finest UK born heroes from the world of Comic Books, this mat is one of only 2 ever made with this design and the only one marked as “UK Games Expo 2020 Champ” to commemorate your achievement at this key Dice Masters event.

Can you name all the characters on it?

Mod Roundel Dice Tray

Not Mod as in “Ministry of Dice”, but Mod as in the parka wearing, scooter riding, RAF roundel loving, UK Modernist sub-culture. This beauty can be folded down for portability, but is also super-handy for keeping those Online play rolls contained and on camera.

MoD Accessory Pack

This time MoD does mean “Ministry of Dice” – and the MoD Accessory Pack is THE prestigious, “must have” bling for the most distinguished of Dice Masters players.

A set includes: 1 X “5 Turns” die, 1 X Life Counter, 1 X Token, and 2 X MoD Basic Action indicator Cards.

2019 OP Kit Sets

Missed out on the OP Kits from 2019? Need the only Modern legal Kate Bishop for that sweet global but just don’t have one? Nervous about the new Ghost Rider and could do with a Black Widow to negate that Ping? Fancy trying a Wallop against Becky Lynch? We’ve got you covered.

There is a selection of complete, 3 card OP Kit sets from 2019 up for grabs in the event, take a look at these examples…

MoD Token Dice

Courtesy of Ryan over at the CR Game Room channel; we have 3 sets of 3 MoD Token Dice in the prize pool.

These are not just your standard CRGR Token Dice either – these are a special, custom design featuring an epic Rock Star and the MoD logo as 2 of the faces.

We guarantee that your friends will be impressed, and more forgiving, when you deliver lethal with 2 of these on their God Catcher face.

MoD Dice Tower

There is nothing more satisfying than the sound of Sidekick dice falling through a dice tower, and we believe more Dice Masters players should be blessed by this wonderful experience. So… to do our bit… we’ve thrown a Dice Tower into the prize pool.

It will arrive “flat-packed” for construction (I’ve put it together to take a piccie), but within a few moments you can be enjoying the sound of dice on wood.

The Ministry of Dice Wooden Spoon

Losing is tough, especially when you’ve just been smashed horrifically by a God Catcher you just couldn’t do a thing about, but losing can also be a joyous occasion as one lucky loser will be receiving a coveted Ministry of Dice Wooden Spoon.

Only a small number of players worldwide possess this prestigious collector’s piece, and it is arguable more sought after than a giant-sized alt art Tsarina. You might lose the event, but you will become a member of the distinguished Ministry of Dice Wooden Spoon Owner’s Club.


A Small Note About Infinity Gauntlet in Europe…

I received 2 messages in the last 2 days regarding the release of Infinity Gauntlet in Europe and it’s legality for the UK Games Expo event. The main upshot – I’m told by the UK distributors that “It’s due out this month, but with no solid release date”.

Keep an eye out for further news as we get it, but if you are concerned then please send us a note by hitting the “Contact Us” button or PM us over at

A quick reminder or two to finish off…

First – please remember that this tournament is FREE to enter, we are adding the prizing to add a little spice to the occasion and give you, the player & our dear community members a little something to commemorate the event. This does come at a cost to us though, so despite the free entry we are asking you to consider making a small donation to help cover the costs of Worldwide postage. You can do this here:

Second – please consider pre-registering on Challonge. It really helps us out to have a sense of the potential player numbers while planning the participation raffle and give Andy the time to consider the impact the event will have on his beauty sleep. You can register here:

OK – that’s all for now. Keep swinging by to stay on top of the latest info & updates as the event approaches. Looking forward to seeing you there. 🙂

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