MoDPDM @ UKGE Update – Infinity Gauntlet Proxies

Pip the Troll Dice Masters Proxy Card

Hi folks – it’s another update for the UKGE, and in this post we’re going to cover the issue of Infinity Gauntlet’s absence outside of North America and the use of proxies.

Asmodee UK e-mailed me Friday and confirmed that it will NOT be available in the UK & Europe in time. After reassurances it would be here they have apologised and intimated that it may not be until September now.

This presents an issue for the MoDPDM @ UKGE as an event with International participants. We’ve been indicating that if this was to be the case then we were going to be permitting proxies, and so this is the official confirmation that PROXIES OF INFINITY GAUNTLET CARDS ARE PERMITTED FOR THIS EVENT.

There are a few bits of small print attached to this, so here’s the key points of note for the event…


Pretty much what it says on the tin – card proxies will only be allowed in place of Infinity Gauntlet cards.

We’re also advocating some level of restraint – we’d be keen for players who own Infinity Gauntlet cards to restrict their team building to their collections as much as possible, and would encourage those without to try to limit card proxying and not go wild with full teams of 8 proxies please. This helps limit confusion, provides a better experience in any matches to be streamed, and keeps the messiness to a minimum.

On that note…

2. Proxy cards Must Be Clearly Marked

Please clearly mark proxy cards in the field of view on your camera – preferably with the card Title & Subtitle in a readable form (get to work with that Sharpie!)

When it’s possible: use older, corresponding OR suitable alternative Dice from previous sets for game play as follows:

Character NameAlt Character?Dice Proxy ALternative
Adam WarlockN/AGuardians of the Galaxy
AngelaN/ADeadpool / Guardians of the Galaxy
Black PantherN/AUncanny X-Men / Avengers Infinity
Black WidowN/AAge of Ultron
BullseyeLady BullseyeDeadpool
Captain MarvelN/AAge of Ultron / Guardians of the Galaxy
Doctor StrangeN/AAvengers Vs X-Men / Avengers Infinity
DraxN/AGuardians of the Galaxy / Kree Invasion
Ebony MawPsylockeUncanny X-Men / X-Men Forever
GamoraN/AGuardians of the Galaxy / Avengers Infinity
Ghost RiderN/AAvengers Vs X-Men / Amazing Spider-Man
GrootN/AAge of Ultron / Guardians of the Galaxy / Kree Invasion
HelaN/AThe Mighty Thor
HulkMr FixitAvengers Vs X-Men / The Mighty Thor
Iron ManN/AAvengers Vs X-Men / Uncanny X-Men / Avengers Infinity
KangN/AAge of Ultron
LokiN/AAge of Ultron / The Defenders / The Mighty Thor
Moon KnightN/ACivil War
Ms MarvelN/ACivil War
NebulaN/AGuardians of the Galaxy
Rocket RaccoonN/A Age of Ultron / Guardians of the Galaxy / Kree Invasion
SandmanN/AAmazing Spider-Man
She-HulkHulkAge of Ultron / The Defenders / Avengers Infinity
Spider-ManN/AAvengers Vs X-Men / Uncanny X-Men / Spider-Man Maximum Carnage
Star-LordN/AGuardians of the Galaxy
The CollectorN/AGuardians of the Galaxy
The SpotN/AGuardians of the Galaxy
ThorN/ACivil War / Avengers Infinity
WongN/ADr Strange

(If anyone’s interested – I used this awesome site to make this list:

There are a number of cards without suitable stand-ins/alternatives. We are taking lead from the Dice Fight XL event a couple of week’s ago and borrowing their idea to proxy the challenge cards using Action Dice of matching energy with Burst faces to indicate level 1, 2, or 3.

Character NameEnergy TypeRecommended Action
Black DwarfFistJarnborn (The Mighty Thor)
Black SwanBoltCosmic Cube (GotG)
Corvus GlaiveFistUtility Belt (Batman)
Iron LadBoltDanger Room (X-Men First Class)
Pip the TrollShieldRing (Tomb of Annihilation)
Proxima MidnightShieldThe Blackbird (X-Men First Class)
SupergiantShieldDragon Statue Trap (Tomb of Annihilation)
TombstoneFistNova Core Uniform (GotG)
Turk BarrettBoltWeb Shooters (Amazing Spider-Man)

This leaves one card unaccounted for that, due to no existing suitable alternative, will be banned in this event: Typhoid Mary. Therefore All rarities of Typhoid Mary will be banned from this event.

3.Clearly Highlight your Proxies Before Play Starts

Team lists will be published on this site before the event starts, but in addition to this please make sure that you call out your proxies at the outset of each round before game play starts.

If you are playing an opponent who is using proxies please be patient and ask for clarification at any point you need it. We recognise this is not ideal and has the potential to affect your ability to have your best game, but ask you to remember throughout that permitting proxies is intended to be inclusive and promote creativity in team building.

A Few Last Notes

We are sorry that we left it to the last minute to confirm the proxy situation. We’re as disappointed as other European players that it hasn’t arrived. We had been assured many time by reps at the distributors that it was likely to arrive in time but that has sadly not been the case.

It is our hope that this is a welcome element of the event for community members on this side of the World.

Remember to pre-register for the event. You can do that here:

Also – the event is free to enter, but would ask that you consider making a small donation to help contribute to the postage cost of the prizing:

Speaking of prizing – further information about the event’s prize structure will be published on Wednesday, so head on back to take a look.

That’s all for this update, see you at the weekend. Any questions – give us a shout 🙂

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