MoDPDM @ UKGE – Final Update

Dice Masters at the UKGE 2020 Advert

Hi folks, how’s it going? Just one day until the big event!

Here’s the last update for you before we’re in the thick of it – in this post I have the following:

  • A reminder for any last minute peeps who want to register;
  • A couple of rulings I was asked for;
  • A quick refresh of the schedule for the day;
  • How you can get involved if you are not playing

Let’s get into it…

Getting Registered

If you’ve not yet registered but want to jump in last minute then here’s what you need to do. We are Closing registration at 7pm British Summer Time tonight (21st August) so you need to get a hustle on if you’re not registered already.

The post linked below has all the information in it regarding registration on Challonge (our portal for managing the brackets) and the DM-Online Discord group you need to be a member of to participate in the event:

MoDPDM @ UKGE Starter information

Please read it carefully to get yourself set & ready to take part in the tournament.

Rules Questions

I’ve had some correspondence over the last few days regarding some rulings on a couple of interactions, and thought it prudent to share the decision from our team of top notch, Rules Lawyers. So, if you’re playing Saturday, please note the following…

Atlantis: City and Stronghold interaction with Partially Spent Dice

We were asked whether a double energy dice that is partially spent can then be subsequently moved to the Prep Area using Atlantis: City and Stronghold’s game text.

Here is Atlantis:

This is some rules lawyering of the highest order: the argument being that there is no specific rule that prevents interactions with partially spent dice (except re-rolling them). However; it is our belief that as a partially spent dice it is already, in effect, on its way to the Used Pile and therefore partially spent double energy dice cannot be sent to Prep by Atlantis.

Black Dwarf: Giant Axe Global

It has recently been noted that the Black Dwarf: Giant Axe global does not specify “Sidekick character” and just states “Sidekick dice”.

Here is The Black Dwarf:

This is contrary to “Energy fixers” from previous sets, which DO state Sidekick Character dice.

For the purposes of this event, with no errata or official ruling, we are going to go with a plain reading of the text and state that you can spin any sidekick dice to its Fist side, it does not have to be a “Sidekick Character”

The Schedule Tomorrow

The event will start at 7pm BST on 22nd August. Here’s a breakdown for International players:

  • Pacific US = 11am
  • Mountain US = 12pm
  • Central US = 12pm
  • Central US = 1pm
  • Eatern US = 2pm
  • Central Europe = 8pm

Unless we get a huge, mad rush of last minute entrants we will be playing over 5 rounds.

Rounds are “best of 3” and to be played over 45 minutes.

We’ve been asked to clarify a few things about the rounds & timings – so here are some answers to the questions we’ve received…

There will be NO ROUNDS AT TIME. The event will be running well into the evening for participants on this side of the planet so we are adhering to a strict time limit, and having 5 rounds at time in effect has a habit of running things waaaaaaay over.

We will not be running any cuts – the leader-board will be based on Swiss Round performance. Matching performance will be decided by “Strength of Schedule” as determined by the exciting algorithmic machinations of Challonge.

Please “check in” on Challonge and hang out on the Discord channel 30 minutes before start time, to ensure a prompt kick off at 7pm BST.

Please report match results on Discord and tag @TrueMisterSix and @Gilmax. If you don’t tag us you won’t get your Raffle tickets noted for the Participation Raffle. (“Participation Raffle? What’s that?” – Check out our Prizing Structure post for more info…)

For help, rules questions or general guidance on the day also use the Discord channel & tag @truemistersix and @andy.

Live Streams

Don’t fancy playing but might like to spectate? We’ve got tonnes of coverage taking place across the whole duration of the event for you to enjoy & get involved live!

Here are a list of streamers who will be broadcasting matches on the day:

Friday NightClix

The figurehead of Scottish Dice Masters himself, the man, the myth, the legend and long-time, valued member of the Ministry TJ Bozilla will be streaming his matches across his Twitch channel.

CR Game Room

The lads at CR Game Room are set & ready to broadcast matches, as well as bring their own brand of unique commentary to the proceedings. Expect Kermit the Frog impressions, Taco discussions, and meme-able faces throughout.

Andy & I will be dropping in on this stream too: so this is the place to go if you fancy seeing/hearing us on the day. 😉


New content creator, competitive up & comer, all round awesome dude Ronathan will be live streaming his games across his YouTube channel. This dude knows his meta – so expect to see some incredible games.


The second most handsome Dice Masters content creator, and certainly the most energetic, will be broadcasting & commentating games across his Twitch channel for you to enjoy. Here’s where to go for some high octane chat engagement & passion for the game.

A Quick Reminder…

This event is free to enter, HOWEVER, the current circumstances mean that the prizing is going to distributed by post.

Therefore; we are asking players to consider making a small donation to help with the cost of stamps & padded envelopes. If you are in a position to do so then please contribute a small amount (like… the price of a Greggs or a Starbucks) to give us a helping hand – the prize pool has grown considerably and there’s going to be quite a bit of postage to cover.

To do your part – click the image below to be taken to our donation page…

Any questions send us a PM at or tag @truemistersix in the Discord channel.

See you there! 🙂

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