MoDPDM @ UKGE Dice Masters Team Lists

Hi folks!

The MoDPDM @ UKGE kicks off in just 2 hours and here’s the team lists, in alphabetical order.

Click the images to expand them – with my apologies for the slight blur, I’ll work on that for next time around. The links below each name will take you to the Dice Coalition Team Builder list for each team.

Players – please double-check that (in my late night Copy/Paste frenzy) I’ve not made any mistakes.

If anyone’s interested: I’ve also been through and done the stats for the event – scroll to the bottom to take a look at the most popular cards…


BenSaidScott DB Team Link


BenzinoScott45 DB Team Link


CollectorRob DB Team Link

El Tod

El Tod DB Team Link


EPICat DB Team List

General Nemesis

General Nemesis DB Team Link


IngledueM DB Team Link


JackalopeSpam DB Team List


JacquesBlonde DB Team Link


JBouwme DB Team Link


LucanO DB Team Link


MBrewer DB Team Link


MrMcCat DB Team Link


NefariousBroadcaster DB Team Link


PetervdV DB Team Link


RelentlessNettles DB Team Link


Reg DB Team Link


RonathanPxPx Team Link


Shadowmeld DB Team Link


StuART DB Team Link


SuperK DB Team Link


The_Joho DB Team Link


TJBoz DB Team Link


UndercoverDemon DB Team Link


WeaponO DB Team Link


Whipp3t_G00D! DB Team Link


Yort DB Team Link

For The Stat Fans…

If your a bit of a numbers nerd then I’ve totalled up the number of times each card in the event features. It gives a very clear picture of what the popular cards are for this tournament!

Card TitleSubtitleFeatured
The CollectorStolen Cosmic Cube13
DraxThe Pacifist12
Static Field 11
Spider-ManPublic Menace9
The God CatcherFamous Walking Statue9
AtlasPurged of Pym Particles8
Under Surveillance 8
Villainous Pact 8
Eddie GuerreroI Steal7
ThorJormungand’s Fear7
AsukaThe Empress of Tomorrow6
GazerEvil Familiar6
Becky LynchMaiden Ireland5
Poison IvyRed5
Yawning PortalComfortable Inn5
Black WidowAgent4
Confront the Mighty 4
Intellect DevourerDeadly Puppet Master4
Walk with Elias 4
AngelaAsguardian of the Galaxy3
Atlantis City & Stronghold3
Atlantis Wealthy Kingdom3
Booker T Ringside Announcer 3
Green LanternHuman3
Nefarious Broadcast 3
Scott Hallnow Wolf3
Turk BarrettMind Gem3
Avengers ID CardMaking it Official2
Becky LynchStraight Fire2
Big EPowerlifter’s Physique2
Black WidowWidow’s Hunt2
Black WidowRunning in the Shadows2
Black WidowThe Widow’s Bite2
Doctor StrangeCelebrated NeuroSurgeon2
HawkeyeTaking Aim2
IcemanRight on Schedule2
Instant War 2
Istrid HornMoneylender2
Jerry Lawler Ringside Announcer 2
KangCouncil of Kangs2
Kree CaptainLost Purpose2
LitaFan Favourite2
Seething Corruption 2
Seth RollinsSeth “freakin” Rollins2
Supreme IntelligenceSupremor2
TechnoDownloaded Consciousness2
The Rock“Know your Role”2
Venerable DreadnaughtCustodian of Knowledge2
Yellow Lantern RingThe Weaponer’s Ring2
AquamanSon of a Lighthouse Keeper1
Arnim ZolaScientist Supreme1
AurinaxVault Guardian1
Becky LynchThe Man!1
Captain MarvelReality Gem1
Dani MoonstarEmpathic Illusion Casting1
Doctor StrangeTime Gem1
Energy Field 1
Foetid Bloat DronePlague Probe1
GamoraAngela’s Ally1
Gorilla GroddYou Can Fight Me1
Grey HunterSon of Russ1
HulkHunter Green1
Invulnerability 1
Jubilee Wondra1
Jubilee Jubilation Lee1
Kevin Nashnow Founder1
Kree CaptainWarmonger1
Lord of ContagionPlaguereaper1
ManshoonClone Wizard1
Mimic Flying Blasting Slashing1
Moon KnightOne-Man Avenger1
MystiqueA Better Victory1
Noxious BlightbringerTocsin of Misery1
Ork NobKustom Shoota1
ParasiteMaxwell Jensen1
Pip the TrollPrince Gofern1
Poison IvyCriminal Because of Love1
Power Surge 1
Professor XTo Me, My X-Men!1
SongbirdMelissa Gold1
StormThe Stor Goddess Comes1
Stretch 1
Supreme IntelligenceAssimilated Hivemind1
The CollectorBehind the Scenes1
The God CatcherMighty Construct1
The Great DrunkyardBuilt for Defense1
The JokerNot Funny Anymore1
ThorEvery Problem is a Nail1
Thrown Brick 1
ToymanKiller Toy1
Wallop 1
WongSecond Rate Jarvis1
ZatannaMagical Lineage1
ZatannaBeing of Magic1
Bolter Drill  

Good luck everyone – see you later…


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