Roll for the North Tournament Report

Hi folks – Chris here! On Saturday I participated in the “Roll for the North” Online tournament organised by our friends over at DM North. 30 Dice Masters players, armed with webcams and teams, attended to duke it out for the unofficial title of 2020 Canadian Champion.

I had tremendous fun (despite my performance – keep reading for that tale of woe) and really enjoyed getting together with folks from all over the world to play Dice Masters. As an online event this tournament attracted players from across Europe & North America, which was amazing to see.

Be warned though: this is most definitely a tournament report that serves as a lesson in sticking to the fundamentals when it comes to playing Dice Masters events of this nature.

Read on to find out more…

The Team

Let’s take a look at the team I ran. To start – here’s the Dice Coalition Team Builder link to it:

Chris’ Collector/BlightBringer team

I wanted to lean into my Control preference and see what I could do with the new Infinity Gauntlet spin down mechanic of the Rare Black Widow and Rare Spider-Man.

Doing it with combat damage, and losing my Spider-Man dice to the Used Pile over & over again wasn’t going to cut it, so I had a little think and wondered if there was some potential in taking more advantage of the energy I was putting in my opponent’s field?

I had seen Blightbringer used before (by Jocelyn last year at Worlds and more recently by Mike from the Tuesday night UK crowd) and figured that would combo up nicely with the spin mechanics of the team – there was potential to do 3/4 ping damage each turn in addition to any Spider-Man swings that did go through.

The extra cream on it was the new Rare Awaken Collector. he would allow me to field BlightBringer dice during the global window of the attack step to take advantage of any spun down energy I created with a Spider-Man attack.

All good in theory. the rest was utility – Energy Field to do the Awaken spinning, Villainous Pact for the bag re-setting from the Prep global, Clayface to help turn one Mask into two for my Energy Field global, Kate Bishop to pull back my Spider-Man dice for a rinse/repeat next turn, and intimidating Gazer for God Catcher tokens.

The most random add was Ghost Rider. For which the less said the better because it was a dumb idea. Like I said – practice your teams beforehand folks LOL

Right… onto the rounds…

Round 1 – Rawtravel

First up was Ryan, aka Rawtravel, who was running a God Catcher team. Here’s his list:

Rawtravel’s God Catcher Team

Ryan had built a canny little team. I wasn’t so bothered by the God Catchers – I’d put some thought into dealing with that – it was the Volo and Nefarious Broadcast that he had, which seemed to directly, and easily, kick my little counter ideas to the curb LOL.

To elaborate; my plan with God Catcher was to use the Collector’s Sidekick making global for early token rushes (to capitalise on the God Catcher’s force block game-text) and turn to Kate Bishop’s global for later game tokens made unblockable by Under Surveillance. Volo’s Attune would quickly put to rest my Sidekick idea and Nefarious Broadcast would stop my Kate Bishop. never mind…

I stuck to the plan and went for my Collector, with the view of bringing BlightBringer and Gazer in intermittently as needed. It seemed to work reasonably OK but you can see from the vid I was definitely not well practiced with the team and a bit all over the place. My Control did it’s work a few times but Ryan managed to outmanoeuvre me and take advantage of my scattered approach to take the first game.

I won the second game, albeit a bit shadily (I’m ashamed to admit) through the “highest life at time” rule. I went for quick, spammy rushing to get damage in ASAP and attempt to out-pace him. It wasn’t working, but a few whiffed Volo rolls on Ryan’s part meant that head start I carved out finished us at time with me on higher life (he couldn’t kill my Sidekicks with Attune).

I had finished Round 1 with a tie.

Ryan – you were a gent to play against man, and I really appreciate your warm & kind approach to my shady second game win. Thank you so much.

Here’s the game pay vid:

Round 2 – PetervdV

Next up I was facing Peter vdV, European Champion 2019 and of DM: United podcasting fame. Here’s his team:

PetervdV’s Becky Lynch Team

While Peter’s team had both Becky Lynch and The Godcatcher on it, the two ring-side announcer Basic Action choices made it clear to me that Peter planned on winning with Becky Lynch.

At this point I threw the Collector idea out of the window and just went for it. I rushed in Spider-Man and as many sidekicks as I could muster and charged them down the field. I was going to leave my field as empty as possible, as often as possible, and just swallow the Becky hits (and not fall afoul of the Ring-side Announcer globals), trying to keep pace with my little army of weenies.

I then moved on to buying Gazers and Black Widows to get as much Control on the go as possible to allow me to squeeze through the little chips at a time. I used the Gazers to keep Peter’s Istrid Horns trapped in the field (to open up my Kate Bishop global for use) and Black Widow & Spider-Man to control the Beckys.

It was an epic match – we both jabbed away and tried to manoeuvre past each other turn after turn until we were down to 1 life each. In a dramatic finish it was down to the rolls, and Peter managed to get his character count above the number in my blocking force, swinging for the win.

Peter – I enjoyed this game immensely, it was a real pleasure – thanks very much man.

Here’s the game play vid:

Round 3 – Dave

Going into round 3 and I had drawn Dave, who was running a super-cool Energize list centred around Domino – Not a Party Girl. Here’s his team list:

Dave’s Energize Team

I wasn’t too sure how to play this one – spinning down Dave’s Domino dice and putting them back into rotation wasn’t the best idea for me – but in the absence of any better ideas I just decided to let the RNG-Gods take care of it and stick to the plan.

I snatched up my Black Widow and Spider-Man early to set the foundation of my spin-down plan and then moved to the Collector to set the Blightbringer shenanigans into motion.

It didn’t come easy though – I had to sweat out a fair few of Dave’s Domino dice doing a few little runs of ping damage.

Eventually though: the Collector came around and Dave had a couple of his Domino dice chilling in the field, so I started to run through the motions of my little combo and get some damage dealt. All went to plan and I won the first game.

The second game followed much the same – both of us rushing the damage in against the clock to play to the “highest time” rule. The race was on, so I threw as many sidekicks down the field as I could, using Black Widow to clear the route as much as possible, to try to set the pace against the Domino pings.

It worked, albeit helped out with some luck when it came to Dave’s Domino rolls, who insisted on rolling single energy and character for him.

I finished round 2 with a win. Dave – an absolute pleasure to meet you on Saturday. Love your team and love your pink sidekick dice. Looking forward to playing again sometime.

Here’s the game play vid:

Game 4 – TJBozilla

My fourth round was only going to be against the myth, the man, the legend of Twitch, figurehead of Scottish Dice Masters and all round top dude TJBozilla. Here’s his team:

TJBoz’s Thor Team

TJ’s team focused on the new hotness that is Infinity Gauntlet’s Super Rare Thor, with some added Dani Moonstar for some additional annoyance.

I neglected my Collector strat too much this game, electing to go rush with my removal & sidekick approach, my thinking being that it might take TJ a little bit of effort to get the 6 cost and I’ll get a head start on the life count.

And I was sorta right, other than Thor was bought pretty easily early doors.

We traded blows, the Thor damage coming through against my Spider-Man/Sidekick swings, but I must admit the biggest challenge was getting forced into blocking TJ’s Dani Moonstars and Deadly Poison Ivy’s. TJ also locked out my Spider-Man with his Typhoid Mary and I was slowed down somewhat by this new, dirty Shriek-style card. I used my Gazer to free up my Spider-Man from Mary’s grasp whenever possible but ground to a halt when TJ got a second Typhoid Mary out. I was also on tilt from all the flagrant use of my globals TJ was using. (I had brought a lot of utility for my opponent’s with my globals – more on that later)

It was too much – Dani, Poison Ivy & Typhoid Mary were too much for me to handle in the late game and I lost my momentum – after slogging it out for 1 game TJ took the win.

My record so far was 1-2-1.

TJ – always a joy my man. Even if you are a Typhoid Mary user ;P

Here’s the Game play vid:

Round 5 – PKellenB

My final round was against PKellenB, aka Patrick, who was running what I would consider a pure Thor build. Here’s his list:

Patrick’s Thor Team

Patrick had optimised his team with ALL the globals to get that Thor super quick – and BOY, did he. Thor was up in my grill and firing damage down the field before I’d finished pouring a fresh glass of wine for the round.

In addition – he had my globals too to really help out LOL

There’s not much to report really – Thor landed and the Sidekicks came thick & fast with 2 Collector globals for use across our teams. One highlight to mention: just as I thought “well, I’ll go down swinging and at least do a little damage” Patrick proceeded to roll 4 natural Sidekicks in his turn to close out the first game in 8 minutes flat. It was pretty crazy to see.

I put up a bit more of a fight in the second game but it soon became a repeat of the first – my weenie rushing just didn’t have it compared to the high damage output of Thor and Patrick took me down 2 – 0 .

Patrick – the God roll really was a highlight of the event for me man, thanks for the wonderful moment to witness LOL

Here’s the game play vid:


As I eluded to in the intro to this post – this really was a lesson in getting your reps in and practicing your team. If you’ve taken the time to watch through the game play vids it’s pretty clear I was unfamiliar with my team and was floundering on many occasions.

That lack of practice had a big part to play in the team construction and I broke some of my own rules with it. For example; had I practiced I would have quickly realised that my Global choices were too generous for nearly all my opponents (something I’m usually pretty hot on) and that Ghost Rider really didn’t help in the way I envisioned he would.

It’s also notable that, in many instances, I kinda threw out the combo at the heart of the team (Spider-Man/BlightBringer/Collector) and played it as a bit of a weenie rush thing, which, again, would have become clear had I worked on the team some more, and I could have adjusted one way or the other better.

Dice Masters - Infinity Gauntlet - Black Widow Widow's Hunt
Dice Masters – Infinity Gauntlet – Black Widow Widow’s Hunt

The Rare Black Widow, IMHO, is not as amazing as she’s being touted as. Again; watch the videos, my character to double energy ratio was definitely leaning heavily towards the character face side. When she works it really is wonderful; but even when I did roll up the Energize faces I found I was facing level 2 & 3 characters on the other side of the field. In her defence though: I most certainly played her badly, fielding the character too often when I should have been dropping her back into Used to re-cycle around for more use – nobody was KOing her when I chucked her down the field to get her re-cycled LOL

I think the team has something to it – I remain eager to give it a bit more time and to see if the Blightbringer has something to offer in this day & age where I can influence the Energy count in my opponent’s Reserve Pool in my turn. I don’t think it’s competitive in comparison to the Godcatchers, Beckys and Thors of the world but I can’t shake the feeling it could pick up a few more game wins with some better work on it. I’m wondering if there’s something with Rare Pip the Troll…

A massive THANK YOU to the DM North team (with a special mention for Jourdo) and the CRGR crew (for Ryan’s technical input) – it was run to perfection. I’d encourage you to check out their coverage over on the DM North website.

Despite the performance I had a greats day’s gaming and enjoyed myself immeasurably. When all is said & done I love the community feel of events like this and, win or lose, find the social aspect the most pleasurable element of it all. You don’t get the full benefit of it from the vids, but the post game natter with my opponents, and the back & forth IMing with other competitors with all the bants & laughter really makes it all worthwhile. I can’t recommend figuring out your webcam set-up and getting involved enough.

The next few big Online events in the diary are the CR Game Room organised “Worlds” on the 10th October and our own “Dice Masters Vs Cancer” charity event on the 28th November, so pop the dates on the calendar and keep your eyes peeled for more info on those.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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