Breaking News – Wizkids Releasing New Dice Masters Sets in 2021

Dice Masters Fantastic Four Vs Galactus set

Hot off the presses! Just a short while ago a YouTube Live stream with a Wizkids keynote took place as part of the Alliance Distribution Virtual Open House for retailers.

It was JAM PACKED with exciting news for Dice Masters fans as Wizkids unveiled their 2021 Dice Masters new release plans, including the announcement of three new sets for 2021 for the very first time: Fantastic Four Vs Galactus, Secret Wars, and X-Men House of X.

Here’s everything we know so far…

**Edit** Since this blog post was first published a little more info has been released on these sets in the form of Press Releases/Solicits blurb. You can find those under each relevant set on this page here: “Unreleased Set Spoilers & Information


The headline piece of excitement, and most curious announcement of all, is the Fantastic Four Vs Galactus Dice Masters set – with “Solo Play” noted on the slide. Our source tells us that it is “an intro set designed for new players and is a solo play set-up geared towards new players”.

What that means exactly we are not sure of yet. Solo play seems to imply a Solitaire rules set for the game, and it’s been indicated that it will include a single set of Sidekick dice, Basic Action dice etc for, as the set title would suggest, the player to go up against Galactus with their team of Fantastic Four alone. Whether these cards will be useable in wider constructed Dice Masters is to be seen, but I’m certainly all for anything that would help introduce a new player to this great game.

The question about The Invisible Woman was asked – she is, according to our source, in the set! Looks like we might be seeing more great Alex Ross artwork too. Dice Masters: Fantastic Four Vs Galactus is certainly the most eye-catching of the announcements.

No suggested release date yet. Solicits information “coming soon” apparently.


Next up we appear to have a new Draft Pack set coming in 2021, another addition to the Marvel Dice Masters line, “Secret Wars”.

The “Secret Wars” have appeared twice in the Marvel comic book universe, but the artwork would suggest it would be centred around the Secret Wars event in 2015 (More Jonathan Hickman stuff – he’s popular at Wizkids right now)

No more info at this stage – but the slide has an estimated release of June 2021.


Speaking of Jonathan Hickman – the next little juicy nugget of Dice Masters new release info was “X-Men: House of X”, tentatively scheduled for September 2021.

We’ve already seen some “House of X” storyline inspired cards in the new Dark Phoenix Saga set, so it will interesting to see where they go with this one. A hope of mine would be that, with some of the more “A-List” characters featuring in the Dark Phoenix Saga we might get some more obscure X-Men characters coming to Dice Masters.


We’ve known about this set for a while now, but it looks like the only non-Marvel set in the upcoming Dice Masters release plan – DC Dice Masters Superman Kryptonite Crisis – has been pushed back to April 2021. (It had been originally announced as a 2020 release)

The card spoiler of the “Daily Planet” would suggest, by the font on the text box, that it is still in the latter stages of development.

I’m sure at some point someone will try to do the “zoom & squint” thing on the side of the box to discern even more info LOL

I’m a DC Fanboy, so I’m VERY excited to see this set.


**Edit** Since this blog post was first published a little more info has been released on these sets in the form of Press Releases/Solicits blurb. You can find those under each relevant set on this page here: “Unreleased Set Spoilers & Information

There’s a lot to get excited about looking at these leaks for sure: solo play set to attract new players, a full year of releases planned, suggestions of great storylines & artists for the cards, and more drafting for the draft fans.

The only disappointment for me is that it is VERY Marvel heavy, with only one set from another intellectual property. I’m still eagerly awaiting a third Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set with classic Eastman & Laird artwork LOL, and I’m sure the WWE fans would be eager to know if there’s more releases planned for that IP.

Still – it seems that there’s life in this little game yet! It’s certainly great news to hear that Wizkids have plans to release new Dice Masters sets in 2021, securing us at least another joy of game play out of Dice Masters.

Word is that there are further details to come very soon that may elaborate on some of the questions we may have about the Fantastic Four Vs Galactus set, and the minute we see that we’ll be blogging on it too.

A massive THANK YOU and shout out to our source – you’re the best man!

So – tell me dear readers – how do these look to you? Which has got you most excited/intrigued? Who’s on your Fantastic Four character wish list? Got a Superman character you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments below…


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