MoDFiles – Your Monthly Dice Masters Update – October 2020

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It’s October already, which means its time for the monthly MoDFiles update! a moment’s pause for the most discerning Dice Masters fan to get all the news & info on what’s going on in the world of the Ministry.

There’s been a lot going for Dice Masters in recent weeks so it’s a bumper instalment. We’ve updates on event info, spoiler news from the Dark Phoenix Saga, and some little community tidbits to enjoy, in addition to our usual round up of the MoD content over on YouTube and the latest instalment of the “Draw & Roll” comic strip by Stu.ART. Enjoy!

Headlines & Highlights

Roll for the North Summary

The “Roll for the North” Online event took place on Saturday 19th October.

There were 30 players, armed with webcams & Dice Masters teams, in attendance and a tremendous evening’s play (well… evening for us) was had by all.

We participated and, despite a pretty dire performance on the day (practice your teams folks! Don’t be a Chris!) we had a belting time and really enjoyed everyone’s company.

We want to thank the folks over at DM-North for putting on the event and running things like clock-work: you guys are amazing, Thanks so much! Special mention Jourdo & Ryan for the admin & leg work – true community heroes.

Check out our Live Dice Masters Game Play playlist on YouTube to catch Chris’ recorded games, and head on over to DM-North’s Coverage (Including a post-game live podcast recording from Double, Double & Dice) to see how it went for some of the other players.

You might also enjoy Chris’ blow by blow account tournament report, which you will find here: Roll for the North Tournament Report.

“Dice Masters Vs Cancer” Charity Event

If you’ve followed us for awhile then you’ll likely know that The Ministry of Dice supports the “Gaming Vs Cancer” initiative – a charity organisation that brings tabletop gamers together to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

This usually takes the form of conventions and organised play events but this year the f2f element just can’t happen.

The Dice Masters community has a strong, dedicated online play scene though, and we think it’s a shame that charity events of this nature are so heavily impacted by the current Worldwide circumstances so we’ve decided to hold an online event with ticket proceeds to be collected as a donation to the charity.

We’ll be releasing more details in October regarding entry donations, format & prizing etc, but wanted to get the word out to ask you to “put the date in diary” and free yourself up to contribute to this most deserving cause.

use the button in the “Useful Links & Getting MoDSocial” section below to follow us on Facebook for all the latest news & updates on the event.

We hope to see some of you there.

Dark Phoenix Saga Release

It looks like North America is on track for a Dark Phoenix Saga set release in November and the marketing machine has been in full swing with spoilers.

We’ve had a number of Dark Phoenix Saga spoilers here on the site, and in addition to the videos linked in the MoDTube summary below you can check out our gallery page of Dice Masters spoilers from Unreleased Sets – check it out.

You might also enjoy our “Keyword Profile – Founder“, which takes a closer look at the newest keyword to be added to the Dice Masters glossary from the Dark Phoenix Saga set.

Come back soon for even more exclusive Dark Phoenix Saga reveals.

Page updates

A quick reminder folks – we’ve dug up some of our more buried & obscure pages on this little website of ours and made them more accessible for you to enjoy.

These pages have some pretty useful stuff on them we’ve built up over the years and most can be found in our Useful Documents, Links & Resources area linked in the top header.

Highlight areas include:

A handy copy/paste-able list of all Dice Masters promo & organised play cards

The Format Directory, with loads of ideas for casual format Dice Masters play

The Marketplace; a collection of useful links to some of our favourite UK stores and custom item makers

The Team List archive; with examples of team lists we’ve used in our live game play sessions on YouTube

The Draw & Roll Comic Strip

Stu.ART has been doodling again and we have another “Draw & Roll Comic Strip” for you. This month’s episode is called “Becky Lynch: Stronger than a Planet?

MoDTube Round Up

It was another great month through September for content over on our YouTube channel, with a wealth of new vids across a range of subjects & themes that will be of interest to Dice Masters players from all areas of interest & experience levels.

Here’s some of the top highlights – click the thumbnail to be taken to the vid…

We continue to hold a Live streamed Dice Masters game every Wednesday night, and particularly interesting match was using ONLY Infinity Gauntlet cards. Check it out…

For a little bit of fun we put together a list of our top 5 Intelectual Properties we would love to see in Dice Masters. It’s a little flight of fancy that is a regularly re-visited discussion in the Dice Masters community.

Our OP Kit retrospective series continues and we’ve reached our first non-Marvel sets. Kicking off the DC kits is Teen Titans: watch to find out more about the characters & artwork featured in the set.

We also launched a 3 part special for the Battle for Faerun OP Kits, featuring special guests from the “Ready, Set, Roll!” podcast – who are a bazillion times more qualified to talk D&D than Chris!

The aforementioned Dark Phoenix Spoilers began with the Founder article, but was then followed up by this preview of the new Shi’ar Empire affiliation – including an exclusive peek at some of the cards!

Next in the spoiler-sphere is a classic BR6 spoiler review – with Chris’ first-look hot-takes. What combo is he going to try first? Which global really stands out? What’s intriguing & curious about the set? Watch to find out…

And that’s just the highlights! We’ve posted a ton more than this and would highly recommend you subscribe to the channel to never miss out on our vids.

Useful Links & Getting MoDSocial

Speaking of subscribing/following: there are loads of ways to get involved and be a part of the Ministry of Dice community. Find our content, join the conversation on our social media, and contribute to the continuous improvement of the output with these links below…

That’s all for this month folks – we hope you enjoyed this little summary of what we’ve been up to in the last month.

We’ll be back again at the start of November with more news & updates from The Ministry of Dice – see you then! 🙂

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