Dice Masters Vs Cancer Charity Event 28th November

Welcome to the info page for the upcoming Dice Masters Vs Cancer charity event. Please use the buttons below to head straight to the named section…


For a number of years now The Ministry of Dice has been involved with the “Gaming Vs Cancer” initiative; a UK based charitable collective that raises money for Cancer Research UK. There are events throughout the year, however the main event is an organised play convention held in Southampton during November, with proceeds from entry tickets and prize raffles going into the pot for the charity. We’ve raised money for 3 years now, but Dice Masters tournaments have been a part of the convention for years before hand and was the location of a number of WKOs prior to our involvement.

Sadly this year, due to the current worldwide circumstances, all the face-to-face fund raising activity planned has been cancelled. There were plans to hold a Spring fundraising event and a Winter event that just cannot take place under the current UK restrictions.

This is serious news – the UK’s Institute of Fundraising released a round up of studies that highlighted some frightening statistics. Here’s one example that stands out: charities are expecting a 24% reduction in their total income from the UKs heaviest lockdown period (between between March – May), equating to an estimated £12.4 billion loss in charitable funds raised. (“Impact on the Charity Sector During Coronavirus” – June 20th 2020). Many other subsequent studies have confirmed the same – so despite the convention being cancelled we have decided to capitalise on the Dice Master’s community’s resourcefulness when it come to online play and hold our own little fundraiser to make some small contribution to the cause.

How, When & Where?

Date: Saturday 28th November

Where: Online (Discord & Video Chat)

Start Time: Check in 17:30 GMT, First round start 18:00 GMT (UK folks – clocks change on the 25th October)

International Time Zones:

Time ZoneCheck in Time (24hr)
Western Europe18:30
Central Europe19:30

The event will be swiss rounds only. The number of rounds will be determined by the total number of participants.

Number of Players No of rounds
6 – 83
9 – 164
17 – 325
33 – 646

Rounds are “best of One” and to be played over 45 minutes.

There will be NO ROUNDS AT TIME. The event will be running well into the evening for participants on this side of the planet so we are adhering to a strict time limit, and having 5 rounds at time in effect has a habit of running things waaaaaaay over.

In the event of one, incomplete game in the round the win will be awarded to the player with the highest life total when the timer ends. Please team build accordingly with this in mind.

We will not be running any cuts – the leader-board will be based on Swiss Round performance. Matching performance will be decided by “Strength of Schedule” as determined by the exciting algorithmic machinations of Challonge.

We are asking participants to “check in” on Challonge and hang out on the Discord channel 30 minutes before start time, to ensure a prompt kick off at 6pm GMT.

Team Building Format

This event will be a “Golden Single Affiliation” event. All character cards on the team must share the same affiliation marker.

There are some additional team building restrictions:

  • “Villains” will not be considered an affiliation for this event. They will only be permitted with a secondary affiliation (ie “Brotherhood of Evil Mutants” or “Legion of Doom” etc)
  • Basic Actions must be selected from the matching Intellectual Property of the team (DC/Marvel/Yu Gi Oh/TMNT/WWE/Warhammer 40K/D&D) The Mystic affiliation must use Marvel Basic actions, even if DC based Mystics appear on the team
  • The “Imperium” marker is consider one single affiliation
  • No Action cards can be used in your core 8 character/action team slots
  • Cards from the Dark Phoenix Saga set will not be permitted for use

There are also some card bans:

  • Hope – Pluripotent Echopraxia
  • Half-Elf Bard – Masters Lords’ Alliance
  • Yuan-Ti Pureblood – Epic Humanoid
  • Beholder – Master Aberration
  • Hulk – Green Goliath
  • Black Widow – Tsarina
  • Brainiac – Get Inside your Head

The bottom line: we’re keen to encourage you to pick your favourite affiliation from your most beloved movie/tv show/comic book etc and give that line-up a go.

Entry Requirements

This is a ticketed event. Entry is £10 GBP, payable upon registration.

Payment & the management of the event will be done using Challonge, so a Challonge account is also required.

Registration is open – head to the Challonge page to purchase your ticket & get registered.

In addition: player interaction & correspondence on the day will take place on the day in Discord. Click the button below to join the Dice Masters Online Discord group.


We have a number of prizes available on the day, and we will be going public with the prize list soon. Come back soon to see what’s on offer.

Please be aware though: prizing will not be as simple as winning the tournament to get your hands on some swag… we’ve got some fun ideas… watch this space for more…

Rules Inquiries & Outcomes

Please send any rules inquiries to us through the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of the page, in the Discord channel, or through our Facebook page (linked below).

Any rules inquiries will then be published here for all to see in advance of the event.

Where Best to See Updates?

Over the coming weeks leading up to the event all communication & updates will be cross posted over the following areas:

Make sure you subscribe or “follow” one of the above to stay in the loop – the Discord channel is important as that will be used on the day to communicate in real-time with event participants.

Make an additional Donation

We have been asked whether there might be a way for those who are unable to play, or wish to put more in the pot, to make extra donations. We have set up a GoFundMe account where this can be done.

If you would like to make an additional donation then do so at this link here:

Dice Masters Vs Cancer GoFundMe account

We look forward to seeing you folks on the day! Please get in touch if you have any further questions…

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