Show & Tell: True Mister Six’s Dice Masters Accessories – Part One

Ministry of Dice Movement Tray

A bit of fun in today’s post with a little show & tell. We’ve talked for years about how much opportunity there is to personalise your Dice Masters game play experience and it’s been quite a while since we brought it up so I’m back again today to talk about my efforts to “bling my game” (Incidentally – you can check some earlier blog posts we did on the subject of custom Dice Masters here: Gearing Up in Dice Masters).

I am obsessed with things like custom play mats, dice accessories and other knicks & knacks to make my game of Dice Masters even more colourful & interesting than it already is. I have been accruing all sorts of interesting bits & bobs over the years. So here they are, with links to suppliers in any instances that the items are commercially available (although – please note – I’ve had a number of these custom made). A number of the links in this article are affiliate links and may generate a commission.

This is the first of a 2-parter so we’ll dive straight in. Let’s start with storage…

Dice Masters Storage

Keeping an ever growing collection of Dice Masters cards & dice can be a massive challenge for sure and we’ve tried a fair few solutions out over the years here at the Ministry of Dice.

The dice can be particularly tricky as many solutions for storing them can become space intensive and take up a lot of your Kallax shelves.

One of my absolute favourites (but sadly no longer available) is our custom wooden Dice Storage boxes from OPLaser. Each box comes with 5 dice trays that can hold 100 dice each. That’s room for 500 dice per box. They take up about as much room as 3 Collector’s boxes on the shelf but stores a tonne more dice.

They are really handy, and look great. Not to make you jealous or anything but have a peek…

Obviously though, with these no longer available, I’ve had to look for other solutions. The Campaign boxes are fine but take up too much room so I went out & about looking for something a bit more compact.

That’s when I found these handy boxes on Amazon…

They are actually “Photo Boxes“, presumably intended for keeping photos (we used to get them printed kids), but the boxes are a good size for big lumps of dice. Having the outer box with the rails to hold the smaller boxes in place helps keep them organised; a far cry from this state of affairs that we can see with my spares… (which are VERY slowly getting sorted into sets for the empty photo boxes!)

Dice Masters Mess of Spares

As you can see – I am pretty dreadful at staying on top of my dice filing. These are just my excess dice trades too, I’ve got a whole other box filled with dice from my actual, “main 4” collection that have been accumulating after not filing them away properly after being used in teams. I’m sure we’ve all got a little “recently used dice” pile somewhere, haven’t we? I’ve been using one photo box per set, and seem to just about get 4 dice for each card in a box.

The photo boxes are perhaps a little steep, they sell on Amazon at £25, but I’ll pay that not to incur the wrath of the family and their complaints of my Dice Masters stuff taking up too much space around the house. If you fancy one yourself then here’s the link: Photo Box Storage.

As to cards – I’m a simple guy – I’m using the pretty standard soft files that I’m sure many of you also use.

VaultX 12 Sleeve Card Binder

Look at that scratch. Honestly – this was the least scuffed of them all, the result of stacking them flat and the metal pin for the elastic scraping them as I pull them out.

I’m a fan of the 12 card pages – I like having the four rows of each character laid out in order of rarity vertically in the slightly wider span of the 12 card folder. I dunno, just makes them feel more special and epic to me somehow. No practical reason at all.

VaultX Card Binder with Dice Masters Infinity Gauntlet

I’ve got different colours to signify different IPs (I’ve put my TMNT sets in a green one obvs), with a couple of smaller, standard 9 sleeve binders to hold my OP kits, Promos and other curiosities (like my Stu.ART custom card collection.)

Here’s the specific ones that I use from VaultX, but you can find loads of different ones from different manufacturers with various designs: Dice Masters Card Folder. I know the Ultrapro ones are popular too.

Dice Masters Transport

I mostly get around with all my Dice Masters gear using a Camera bag. No, you didn’t mis-read that, it’s a camera bag.

Camera Bag for Dice Masters Transportation

While intended for carting around camera equipment it is ideal for carting around your Dice Masters too. First – it has a useful strap thing-y at the bottom (intended for carrying tripods) that is perfect for strapping on your favourite Dice Masters playmat on for transport. (Play mat tube recommended)

It also has the access zips at the side with a slide out tray, which has just the right amount of space to pack a Dice Tower, dice bag, team boxes, bits tin and other odds n’ sods in. No rummaging in a rucksack for me.

Camera Bag Transport Insides

There’s some additional compartments on the upper-half that is just big enough to chuck a bottle of pop and a sandwich in, with some little extra pockets inside (which is usually where I put my portable interview mic and a USB battery pack). I’ve been very happy with the camera bag as my means of moving my Dice Masters around and can highly recommend camera bags of this style for use.

Dice Masters Game Play

This is the sweet spot, the real area where you can stamp some of your personality onto your Dice Masters experience and express yourself.

The most obvious opportunity to “bling your game” is through your playmat. I am a BIG FAN of using custom Dice Masters play mats when I play and have built a small collection of mats that have been specially designed to my specification (by the fine talents of Jourdo, Peter & Lonnie – thanks once again gents!) and feature some of my most favourite things.

I’m not going to picture the whole collection (I’ve got quite a few), but here are some of the more recent play mats I’ve had made for some added visual stimulation to my Dice Masters experience…

Take a closer look – the guys often sneak little Ministry of Dice easter eggs in the images that can make for a fun “spot-the-MoD” game.

Custom Dice Masters play mats are something I enjoy as a content creator as they are a great way to add some variety and colour to the visuals on screen for our viewers when we record videos and live stream Dice Masters on our YouTube channel.

Let’s face it too – using a play mat is a fundamental part of playing Dice Masters for the zones in the play area, and with Wizkids no longer producing their own play mats you get game play value AND bling by getting one. Of course – we’re all mega-nerds too, so its an excellent opportunity to show off our latest nerd-y obsession, or your all time retro-faves. I’ve seen some really tremendous ones over the years with loads of character & personality, and the Dice Masters Unlimited Facebook page regularly gets a play mat conversation sparked by someone showing off their latest piece of work.

Over here in the UK I get them printed by Patriot Games in Yorkshire. These guys have 2 brick & mortar stores in addition to their custom printing operation. I love these folks so here’s a link to their site to throw them a little plug: Patriot Game Custom Play Mat service. When you mail them your design be sure to mention that we sent you. I understand Inked Gaming is one of the ways to go in the US. I’m led to believe that there are some cheaper options that can be ordered from the Far East, but I like to support local business as much as possible, which is why I use Patriot Games.

Another integral part of game play I’ve blinged up too: I’ve got a couple of dice bags that I use when playing. It’s kind of like having two cats where one is an indoors cat and one an outdoors cat.

My “indoor” dice bag is my wonderful custom bag made by JBouwme over at Jocestitch. I love this bag and reserve it for use in Online play, especially when I am recording or streaming my games. The reason is pretty simple – Jocelyn has printed a MoD logo on the inside base of the bag that you can see onscreen occasionally. (All about the branding LOL)

Jocestitch Dice Bag

My outdoor bag is my fancy corduroy one with paisley lining made by Sew40K. It was my first custom dice bag so I’m emotionally attached to it. Here it is:

Sew40K Dice Bag

I mentioned my bits tins a little earlier – I like to carry a few knick-knacks around with me to use during play. I’ve got a little selection of bits & bobs that I keep in a padded dice tin. It’s made by a company called Paladin, but any old tin would do, I just like the soft padding.

Some of the stand out knick knacks are the tokens I have for use. I’ve got 2 sets of these; one set is for “token characters” and one set are tokens to be used as indicators. The Character tokens were created by Ryan over at CR Game Room and are dice that has a face to represent one of the token characters you could generate in a game, for example the God Catcher. The second set of indicator tokens were created by Reg over at DM-North and can be used to visually represent game-effects. My most frequently used one is the Hope copy indicator. Here they are, chillin’ in my gamer bits tin…

Down at my FLGS. Element Games, I like to use my Movement Tray. I had this custom made (My FLGS has a woodwork workshop). We tend to play three-round casuals when we get together, and I found the process of shifting all my gear (specifically the dice) around the tables a bit of a chore so I got this sorted out.

It’s really handy – I jut roll out my play mat on it, set up my team’s cards & dice, and then just pick it up like a tea tray when it’s time to shuffle around for a new opponent. The convenience is worth the banter and jokes about looking like a waiters or tea maid. No lost dice across the floor during change-over for me though 😉 If you know someone who can do a bit of laser cutting with some mdf measured to your Dice Masters play mat. (Well… any standard sized play mat really – I use it all the time for other games too) then I’d recommend it. It’s proven super-convenient and if more of us have one then the players down my local may take the piss less.

I’m also a fan of sleeving my cards in fancy sleeves too. It’s a bit daft, because they’re usually face down, but I do it anyway. There are tonnes of fun sleeves for cards, but here is a small selection of some faves I’ve used in the past…

Novelty Card Sleeve Selection

At the end of the day – sleeving my cards is a must with so many cups of tea or glasses of wine frequenting my gaming space, so even though it’s often only me who knows about the fun design they play a practical purpose too. I’m using the DC Justice one’s most frequently at the moment – I’ve got some Green Lantern ones on the way to complete the currently available set.

There we are then folks – a little show & tell to pass a little time. I hope you enjoyed this little peek into this extra little element of my Dice Masters hobby that gives me another bit of the game to play around with. I’ve got so many accessories that I’ll do a second post covering some of the other cool stuff I’ve accrued over the years too, like Deck Boxes, Dice Towers, Dice trays and much, much more, so keep an eye out for part 2.

In the meantime: we love to hear from you guys, so let us know: what’s your favourite custom item or accessory you use when playing Dice Masters? Have you had something unique or interesting made that would be a revelation to other players? Is there a better card binder I should be using? When lockdown finishes: does someone want to come round and sort my spare dice for me?

Let us know in the comments below or send us a note…


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