MoDFiles – Your Monthly Dice Masters Update – December 2020

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Hello, welcome everybody, to the December 1st instalment of the MoDFiles update. This is a monthly look back & look forward to Ministry of Dice and Dice Masters community news for the most discerning of Dice Masters fan.

It’s been another SUPER busy month in the world of Dice Masters – we’ve got the “headlines & highlights” section to draw your attention to a few key news items & events, in particular the final total of our “Dice Masters Vs Cancer” charity event. We’ve also got our “MoDTube Round Up” which puts a spotlight on some videos of interest on our YouTube channel for the more casual viewer.

And don’t forget the “Draw & Roll Comic Strip” – a monthly humorous look at the game of Dice Masters. Stu.ART is still on holiday so we’ve engaged another guest artist to help us out this month: Rob from CR Game Room, who has done an exceptional job for us.

Let’s get into it…

Headlines & Highlights

Dice Masters Vs Cancer Event

Dice Masters Vs Cancer Logo 2020

The Dice Masters Vs Cancer event took place on Saturday 28th November and, if we do say so ourselves, was a tremendous success.

We’ll be writing up a more detailed overview in the next few days, but early reports are that everyone had a great time.

All the funds raised from the ticket sales, donations page, and sponsorships are getting processed and gathered (Can you believe there’s still a 5-7 day banking wait in this day 7 age?) but our running total tells us that we are over £600 raised for Cancer Research UK through the event.

A huge THANK YOU and well done to all the members of our great community who contributed & supported this effort. You are the best!

Marvel Dice Masters: Dark Phoenix Saga

As of date of writing the new Draft Pack set Marvel Dice Masters: Dark Phoenix Saga is set for a North American release on Wednesday.

There is, however, speculation of delays coming from Retailers who have been hearing 30th December as the new release date.

We’re certain word will spread quick if there’s a Wizkids announcement. We’ll be sure to cover it, so follow us at one of our socials listed below.

Breath Weapon X-Fest – Next Online Event

A date for the diary folks – we’d like to draw your attention to the next Online Tournament.

Our friends over at Breath Weapon X are holding an Online Tournament on Saturday January 16th 2021.

The format for the event is Single Affiliation with a twist – only Dice Masters Affiliations with 8 or less available characters can be used.

More info will be available soon, follow Breath Weapon X at to be the first to know when more info gets published.

Happy Holidays!

2020 has been a weird-ass year for sure, but it’s been made all the more bearable for us with you fine folks of the Dice Masters community.

Have a great Holiday season everyone – we hope that you’re able to enjoy yourselves, relax and get some holiday cheer in your lives.

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year everyone.

Draw & Roll Comic Strip

Something a little different for the Draw & Roll strip in this month’s instalment; we have a guest contributor – Rob from CR Game Room, with a gallery of Festive-themed Dice Masters Favourites.

Stu will be back with us in January’s instalment, but let’s enjoy Rob’s work. Thanks Rob!

MoDTube Round Up

It’s been another busy month of awesome Dice Masters videos over on the Ministry of Dice YouTube channel. Here’s a few highlights we’d like to put in front of you. (Click the thumbnail to be taken to the vid…)

We’ve continued to regularly stream live Dice Masters game play every Wednesday night. Through November we were focussed on working on Andy’s Single Affiliation team for Dice Masters Vs Cancer.

With the New Year swift approaching we kicked off a series of previews for upcoming Dice Masters sets in 2021. The first instalment was a look at the Marvel Dice Masters: Secret Wars set solicits…

…and the second instalment takes a look at Marvel Dice Masters: House of X. These vids also come with a healthy dose of character speculation & comic book lore. Enjoy!

Speaking of Comic Books: over on the MoDXtra channel Chris has put out further instalments in his nostalgic look back at novelty, gimmick comic book covers. Check it out…

And that’s just the highlights! We’ve posted a ton more than this and would highly recommend you subscribe to the channel to never miss out on our vids.

Useful Links & Getting MoD-Social

Speaking of subscribing/following: there are loads of ways to get involved and be a part of the Ministry of Dice community. Find our content, join the conversation on our social media, and contribute to the continuous improvement of the output with these links below…

Thanks for dropping by and checking out our update – have a great Holiday & New Year everyone and keep it The Ministry of Dice for all your Dice Masters news, updates, articles and info in 2021. We’ve got BIG plans.

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