Dice Masters New Release Preview 2021 Video Series

DC Dice Masters Kryptonite Crisis Preview Video Thumbnail

In last few weeks, as we approach the New Year, we have run a series of preview vids outlining the solicits information for all of the announced Dice Masters new set releases for 2021.

It’s going to be another super exciting year for Dice Masters players with plenty to sink our teeth into – Wizkids outlined 4 new sets for 2021 at the Alliance Distribution Network Virtual Open House meaning we’ve got 12 months minimum of more dice rolling to be had with our favourite game.

If this new information to you then you might want to check out our article sharing the word we had here: “Breaking News – Wizkids Releasing New Dice Masters Sets in 2021“.

However; if you’re the sort to sit back & relax and enjoy some great Dice Masters video content, then here is a compilation of our Dice Masters 2021 New Release Preview series. You’ll find further detail on the sets from the retail solicits information & press releases, some exploration of the comic book source material that has inspired these new Dice Masters sets, and some classic “guess the characters” speculation we love to do so much in the Dice Masters community.


Marvel Dice Masters: Secret Wars

We kick the series off with a look at the Marvel Dice Masters: Secret Wars set.

After looking at the solicits we hone in on a few key phrases in the solicits information to lead into a closer look at Jonathan Hickman’s Secret Wars series in 2015 and some characters of note to have a good ol’ Dice Masters conjecture.

Marvel Dice Masters: House of X

The second instalment of our Dice Masters 2021 new release preview series takes a look at Marvel Dice Masters: House of X.

We follow the same structure as the Secret Wars vid – after a quick run through of the facts from the solicits information I hunker in to some chat about the House of X comic lines (written by Jonathan Hickman again) and do my finest crystal ball predictions for notable or new characters the House of X set may bring to Dice Masters.

Marvel Dice Masters: The Fantastic Four Vs Galactus

The third instalment of our preview series takes a look at another Marvel Dice Masters set: The Fantastic Four Vs Galactus. Its a notable set, with some interesting & unique elements that Dice Masters fans, new & old, should be curious about.

Watch to learn more about the Fantastic Four’s history and what little clues we’ve scraped from the solicits information and promotional artwork that could indicate what the focus of the set may be.

DC Dice Masters: Superman Kryptonite Crisis

The fourth & final instalment of the video series focuses on the only non-Marvel set announced to date: DC Dice Masters: Superman Kryptonite Crisis.

It’s the closest set to release so we have a little bit to go on from the Countertop Display box to give us a few more clues to feed the assumption & speculation train. Lot’s of cool insights in this one about some of the more recent events in the world of Superman comics too.

There we go then folks – we hope you enjoyed our little “Dice Masters New Releases 2021 Solicits Information & Character Speculation” video series.

Keep an eye out on our “Unreleased Set Spoilers & Info” page – this is where you’ll find news, updates and the latest preview card images. The minute we have anything new on these sets you’ll find it there. Make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel too to not miss out on any new vids in the future.

What do you think of the new sets? Which one are you most excited for? Who are the characters on your Dice Masters card wish Lists? Let us know in the comments below…

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