Merry Christmas From the MoD

MoD Christmas Card 2020

Seasons greetings all!

As the year comes to a close we wanted to take a brief moment this Christmas Eve to drop a note out there to show appreciation to you all for 2020.

Despite all that’s been going on this year IRL (Its been pretty shite, hasn’t it?), we have been blessed to have Dice Masters and, more specifically, the community/members of the Ministry around us through it all. Proper life may have been shit but, frankly, our Dice Masters Nerd-lives have been GREAT through this strange year and we’ve achieved quite a bit with the MoD in 2020.

We couldn’t have achieved so much the last 12 months without YOU, and are so grateful for all the love & support you, our listeners/readers/viewers, have given us over the last 12 months.

Please indulge us a moment while we dish out some massive “Thank You’s” as we end the year…

First; a HUGE show of love to our sponsors, all players from the Dice Masters community, who chipped in during our fund-raiser. It was our intention to really “up our game” in 2020 and work hard to make more ambitious Dice Masters content (and more) and that couldn’t have happened without you. By helping us to “keep the lights on” as far as host fees & subscriptions we were able to make some personal investments this year to improve our audio & video equipment to make a better sounding podcast and better looking vids. We hope it show – we’re still learning how to use it all & get the most out of it, but this couldn’t have happened without you. Thank you so much.

Next; an ENORMOUS big up to Ryan over at CR Game Room and Troy over at the Dice Coalition. We weren’t able to keep our full MoDPDM event schedule this year, but we were able to make some of our planned MoD-run Dice Masters Organised Play happen by taking it online and they could not have been as successful as they were without Ryan & Troy’s tireless support. Ryan especially needs all the recognition in the world for everything he does to support online Dice Masters game play. Thanks gents – lots of love goes out to you.

Speaking of MoDPDM’s – one of our events is simply incomplete without the extraordinary efforts of Lonni & Stu.ART and their contributions to prizing. Lonni has created some outstanding mat designs for us to use as prizes this year that bring a real flair & prestige to the proceedings, and Stu’s custom art cards are just mind-bendingly beautiful. The work you guys do is stunning – thank you so very much for your help.

We also want to acknowledge the contribution of Jourdo from DM North. Matt is, hands down, the warmest, friendliest, most collegiate Dice Masters content creator we know and he has helped us out a tremendous amount of times over the last year. Honestly – I think this guy needs to learn how to say “no”, especially when our questions and impositions became increasingly wacky and unusual through the year LOL. Jourdo – Merry Christmas my man, you are a king among men.

There are so many besides; thanks to Arge & Lucan at “Rollin’ Thunder” and Jocelyn & Kim “Double, Double & Dice” podcasts for all the support with signal boosting our events, cross-promotion, and generally for all the great conversations. Andy also wanted me to thanks Rollin’ Thunder for letting us improve their podcast by having us on twice this year 😉 . CR Game Room for all the help, especially in the last few months as we dipped our toes into new territory with the MoDXtra endeavour, but also for backing us up with Online tournaments, charity fund-raising and generally being all-round… OK-ish… guys ;P. And we can’t forget TJ over at Friday Night ‘Clix, love ya fella, its always nice to know there’s at least one person out there who understands Andy’s obscure British 80s TV references. You also keep us grounded and make sure we don’t take it all too seriously.

In the interest of time I’ll just chuck a few more names out there (in no particular order) – Barton (:P). Peter, Stephen (keep the mails coming fella, love them), Samuel, Danny, Donnie, Reg, Dave, Andy America, Red Mage, Jay, Gary, Kent, Jimmy & Vee at Wizkids, Mike P, Olly, Rob, Alex, Duncan, Paul & Jake at Patriot Games, Matt at Element Games, Dana, Ryan, Mark, Ronathan, INGLEDUEEEEE… there are just too many to mention. Thanks to everyone who played in one of our events, came and hung out during a Wednesday night live stream, or helped us raise money for Dice Masters Vs Cancer. I’m just not doing it justice – you are all amazing.

I’ve undoubtedly missed someone in this momentary gush of emotion – if I have then I apologise sincerely.

Finally, and most of all, ‘Thank You’ to all of our viewers/readers/listeners out there. Thanks for taking the time to watch/read/tune in/rate/review/like/subscribe/follow/comment/post/reply and all that jazz. We have so much fun doing this, and cannot thank you enough for making 2020 a brighter year for us. You may all one day yet regret enabling these two massive man-children, but for now we hope you enjoyed your time with the Ministry’s content as much as we enjoyed making it.

Merry Christmas everyone, have a great holiday season, and we’ll see you in 2021.

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