Spoiler Review – Wizkids Reveal New DC Dice Masters: Superman Kryptonite Crisis

DC Dice Masters Superman Kryptonite Crisis Countertop Display Spoiler

Yes – that’s right folks – Wizkids have given us a little sneak peek at a handful of cards from the upcoming DC Dice Masters: Superman Kryptonite Crisis set.

On the latest episode of “Much Ado About Gaming” on the Wizkids YouTube channel Jessa Blackthorne revealed 3 new cards from the set! Jess does a great board game stream every Tuesday by the way, with all the latest news & updates on Wizkids Games table top releases. If you are a regular listener of the podcast then you’ll know that we at the MoD are big fans of many of Wizkids other board games and are especially excited about the new Fantasy Realms expansion. Here’s the episode the spoilers were shown in:

As always the MoD are on hand with an exclusive follow up to provide you with the a closer look at the cards and to share our thoughts. Here then is the MoD’s first gut instinct on the revealed Kryptonite Crisis cards…

**Editor Note*** It moved real fast following the above video going live and there were EVEN MORE spoilers go live over at DMArmada’s YouTube channel, on DMNorthTV’s Twitch channel and on our very own YouTube channel. Visit their vids to hear some great thoughts & commentary, and don’t forget that ALL the revealed card images are on our “Unreleased Dice Masters Set Spoilers” page gallery.

Daily Planet

We saw a sneaky, blurry peek of this card at the Alliance Distribution open house last September, but here it is as a clearer shot…

Basic Action ramp cards are always useful, especially in a set that is designed for drafting. It’s a little price-y as a 4 cost but it offers quite a bit of flexibility to suit your ramp & churn needs at any given time because you can Prep or roll to suit your needs in that given turn.

That could be deceptively useful – you may be looking for some extra spending power in the turn you are in, you could be eager to set up a larger roll the next turn, or you could be managing your bag like a boss and be looking to use it for some quick churn to roll the just purchased character you want.

I’m certain its going to see play, even if it is just in a draft scenario, but also believe there could be some fun shenanigans to be pulled with it.

Investigative Journalism

If drawing 2 dice isn’t enough for you then there’s always Investigative Journalism…

It’s obviously more expensive at the 5 cost, but for all the same reasons as above this can definitely see play, especially in draft. The ramp & churn potential of this card is pretty immense.

I suppose you could question the card from the perspective of needing to ramp to buy a ramp card, but getting 5 energy together early doors isn’t really as much as a challenge as it has been in the past. Especially with…

Harley Quinn – Bright Lights, Big City

Arguably the MOST eye-catching of the bunch, a 1 cost Mask card! WOW!

So the extra low purchase cost, particularly for that energy type, is clearly the headline. If you combo it up with the Clayface – Restless Global it really opens up some huge opportunity for some extra spending power in your first 3 turns. With well timed bag re-sets & Clayface global’ing you could have A LOT of Harley’s lined up to spend OR at minimum an army of them to throw at your opponent with awesome stats for the price.

Let’s take a moment to talk about the game-text too – or lack of! A Full Art character card for the first time in Dice Masters. That’s an exciting twist and I’m so pleased this extra collectible element is in a DC set. There is another, standard version of this card in the set, and the information we’ve been given indicates that this will be a chase foil card. (Although not fully confirmed).

This card will definitely see play, if only for the opportunities that a low cost Mask card presents.

Fun fact for comic fans – the card image is from a hard-to-find exclusive variant cover of the Dc Rebirth Harley Quinn issue 1 by Warren Louw.

Superman – Last Son

The title character of the set gets a card peek too in this batch of spoilers, and its certainly interesting.

First – loving the Team Superman affiliation getting a boost to the ranks. Its undoubtedly not the last character to be added to the affiliation’s roster so this is great to see and its my hope that Team Superman will get stronger in the Single Affiliation meta.

The game-text is a bit tricky – it certainly focuses very heavily on thematic synergy – but the Lois Lane synergy is interesting. Speaking of Lois…

Lois Lane – Army Brat

Superman’s better half – ready to motivate and power him up.

A low cost, Team Superman character (to help get your Superman out) that gives a stat bump to the big man? Yes please.

there’s not a great deal more to say about her, it’s interesting that she is a Fist energy.

But wait! you need two Team Superman characters to field your Superman. So what about…

Jimmy Olsen – Photographer

Superman’s best pal is another low cost Team Superman to help get the big guy out.

He’s not going to shake the world, and its odd that he (and Lois) don’t come with the Ally keyword, but he’s certainly useful for a theme-y team and a dude who is protected from Globals could well have his place.

Well, there you go folks – I cannot express how much of a DC fanboy I am and how excited this set has got me – but I will steady my patience because Wizkids tell me the new estimated release date is June.

what are your thoughts on these new card – do they have you as excited as me? Which stands out to you? Got any hot takes? Let us know in the comments below…


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