Hot News – Wizkids Brings “Play at Home” OP Kit to Dice Masters

Just got a piece of hot news from Wizkids Marketing on the MoD Bat-phone – they are releasing a “Play at Home” OP kit for Dice Masters available from their website.

Here’s what Wizkids told us:

“With more people playing at home due to Covid, this is the first of a few planned play-at-home kits for Dice Masters fans”

Its already proven to be a popular model with the ‘Clix community so its wonderful to see the Dice Masters community getting a little love too.

The cards in the set appear to be the Spider-friends OP kit that was previewed over at DMNorth last year, themselves suspected to be re-purposed cards from the now cancelled Spider-Man Campaign box. It’s a 3 card set – here’s the pics…

They are selling the set for $10 and are shipping to a wide range of World-wide locations.

You can order your own set RIGHT NOW here – click the image to be taken straight to the store page…

This is a really interesting development on a number of levels. First – its yet another sign of commitment that Dice Masters is here to stay and, while we’ve seen some lines cancelled here & there and some shipping woes its still a game they are marketing and eager to get people playing.

Secondly – the quote I was given states “first of many planned”, so the implication is that there are more Play-at-Home promo kits in the works. With the possibility that these are all re-purposed Spider-Man campaign box cards then there’s potential for quite a few coming down the pipeline, particularly for cards with dice that already exist in the game. We may see the legendary Aunt-May that was spoiled from the Campaign box yet!

Keep your fingers crossed folks!

Even if the next “planned sets” aren’t from the Spider-Man campaign box its great to see other means by which we can get our hands on new cards to boost our collections and get playing with during these very indoor times.

So… there may be barriers to us playing face-to-face in some parts of the world for sometime yet, but we can at least get some kits to battle over at home or online.

What do you think of this new development? Will you be purchasing a set? Any thoughts on the cards? Let us know in the comments below…

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