MoDFiles – Your Monthly Dice Masters Update – February 2021

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Hello Dice Masters fans! It’s time for your monthly Dice Masters update from the Ministry of Dice!

Every month we put together this newsletter to update you fine folks on all the Ministry of Dice activity and Dice Masters community news so you don’t miss a thing.

We also like to keep it light and this instalment has a belter of a “Draw & Roll” contribution from friend of the site Stu.ART. We hope it gives you the chuckle that it gave us.

Let’s kick off with some “headlines & highlights”…

Headlines & Highlights

DC Dice Masters: Superman Kryptonite Crisis Spoilers

Dice Masters Superman Kryptonite Crisis Logo

Every Tuesday the Wizkids YouTube channel has a board game related live stream presented by Jessa Blackthorne, and in a recent episode we were treated to some cheeky spoilers.

Shortly after Wizkids kindly gave us the go ahead to publish the spoilers here at this very site as well as a number of additional previews we had, as well the guys over at DMNorth, DMArmada and Weekly Dice Arena.

The official card pics from Wizkids for all spoiled card can be found in our “Dice Masters Spoilers from Unreleased Sets” gallery.


BWX-Fest – a Roaring Success

Breath Weapon X Fest Logo

The BWX-Fest online tournament took place on Saturday 16th January. There were 22 players in attendance and reports are that much fun was had by all.

Congratulations to Spug for his win with the high-control Infinity Gauntlet affiliated team.

I’m glad to not have faced his team – that level of control is oppressive in a limited Single Affiliation format such as the BWX-Fest used.

I had a great time and hugely enjoyed all my matches. I want to say “Thank you” to the tremendous members of the community I faced off against for making it such a fun day.

AND a massive “Thank You” and “Well Done” to the lads at BWX for putting the event on. Although – to be clear – I was robbed, Green Arrow is definitely a DC Character.

MoDCribZ Ultimate Guide to Playing Dice Masters Online

Last year, to help support players interested in playing Dice Masters online, we presented a video series on our Youtube channel called “MoDCribZ”

The idea was simple – to provide a simple “show & tell” of online community members online play set ups to demonstrate how easy it can be to get going.

At the time we promised further support on the website – and a whole year later we finally got around to it!

We’ve prepared a series of articles covering equipment recommendations, etiquette, video conferencing and game play approaches to help new players interested in giving online play a go.

Get started with the homepage here: The MoDCribZ Ultimate Guide to Playing Dice Masters Online.

Dice Maters Play at Home Sets

We got a call from Wizkids on the MoD bat-phone recently too, to let us know of a new “Play at Home” set – a new promo pack that has gone up for sale on the Wizkids store page.

If you’re new to the game then you might not be aware that Wizkids have regularly produced small packs of promo cards that were available for your FLGS to use at local level tournaments & play nights etc. Sometimes they were re-prints with alternative art, other times they were new cards in their own right.

Obviously – Organised Play can’t be a thing for many around the world right now, so they’ve made the latest pack directly available to consumers through their store.

The first of a “few planned” sets we’re told, so keep your eye peeled for more in the future.

Head here to pick up your set: Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers Infinity Gauntlet Play at Home Kit.

Draw & Roll Strip

This month’s “Draw & Roll” from the expert pen of Stu.ART isn’t a strip – its a Where’s Wally style game called “Where’s Dark Phoenix Saga”. Can you spot the fabled Dice Masters Dark Phoenix Saga Countertop display image in the picture? (Clue – it’s not on Wizkids solicits page ;P)

The MoDTube Round Up

Did you know we have a YouTube channel? We post at least two Dice Masters videos a week over there and last month was no different with a wide selection of fun video content from us. Here’s a few of our highlights from the channel (Click the piccies to be taken straight to the vid)…

In January we posted our latest look at Dice Masters affiliations: the Teen Titans. This video series reviews the affiliations card roster and discusses their strength in a Single Affiliation format.

We continue to stream live Dice Masters game play every Wednesday and we had some super fun games over the month. Here’s an example in which we do some further experimentation with Infinity Gauntlet Cards

The real highlight of the month – we review the “Much Ado About Gaming” spoilers from Superman Kryptonite Crisis AND reveal a few exclusive new spoilers of our own – including the first Super Rare from the set to be seen.

We like to take a lighter, tongue-in-cheek look at the game whenever we can, and this month we released the next instalment of our “WTF!” series, focusing on Dice Symbols. Give it a watch for a little giggle.

And that’s just the highlights! We’ve posted a ton more than this and would highly recommend you subscribe to the channel to never miss out on our vids.

Useful Links & Getting MoD-Social

Speaking of subscribing/following: there are loads of ways to get involved and be a part of the Ministry of Dice community. Find our content, join the conversation on our social media, and contribute to the continuous improvement of the output with these links below…

That’s everything on the headlines from the Ministry of Dice in the world of Dice Masters this month. Come back next month for all the highlights & news from February at BritRollerSix towers. Bye!

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