Teen Titans Affiliation Gets Roster Boost in Superman Kryptonite Crisis

Teen Titans Affiliation Symbol

However premature I can’t really help but get over-excited about the upcoming DC Dice Masters Superman Kryptonite Crisis set. I have such fond nostalgic memories of reading DC Comics titles as a kid that getting a new DC set in Dice Masters is something I am hotly anticipating and, even though I know its a while away yet, the spoilers are REALLY catching my eye.

The latest arrival of some Superman Kryptonite Crisis spoilers have MASSIVELY contributed to my foaming desire for the set because it showed off some new Teen Titans affiliated characters. they came through a YouTube video from our friend (and the man who’s smile just lights up a room) Ross over at the Weekly dice Arena. Here’s the video in which he revealed these beauties…

I was so excited I wanted to write about them so here’s my hot takes on the new Teen Titans cards featuring in the upcoming Superman Kryptonite Crisis release. (With thanks to Ross for sending me the card images to use – thanks man!)

Raven – Darkness Manipulates

All three of these cards are eye-catchers, and the first we’re looking at – the uncommon Raven : Darkness Manipulates is interesting for its global hate angle…

DC Dice Masters Superman Kryptonite Crisis - Raven - Darkness Manipulation

Raven has traditionally been a Control character in the game of Dice Masters and this latest iteration is no different, although it is more of a dis-incentive style of control than the protective game-texts of the past.

You might say that its not so good because it doesn’t trigger until the second global onwards, but I’d ask you to pay attention to how often you’re currently using two globals a turn with little utility globals that are often about – I think you might be surprised at how frequently you use two or more a turn. I’m pretty sure you’ll find there are an abundance of prep globals, sidekick fixers, sidekick makers, discount globals, buff globals etc that we just sorta take for granted and spam without even thinking about it.

She’s not going to be the win condition by any stretch, but making someone think twice about those globals we use multiple times in a turn without normally thinking about it.

It may be a tough choice of Ravens when building Golden Teen Titan teams for sure.

Robin – Training the Titans

The Boy Wonder himself, one half of the Dynamic Duo and leader of the Teen Titans makes a return and we’ve seen the uncommon Robin : Training the Titans in WDA’s spoiler batch…

DC Dice Masters Superman Kryptonite Crisis - Robin Training the TitansDC Dice Masters Superman Kryptonite Crisis - Robin Training the Titans

There’s a lot going on with this card to consider. On a very basic level we’re looking at a low cost (2) character with a pretty big stat-line for the cost, which yet further supports the theory that the cost to stats ratio is seeing some power creep of late.

He’s also dual affiliation; carrying both the Teen Titans and the Bat-Family affiliation. this is less notable with this particular card (his game-text is very Teen Titans focused) but leads me to speculate about what his Common and Rare may offer that do something with his Bat-Family alignment.

Finally; this is the first sign of the Energize keyword on a card outside of the Marvel Dice Masters Intellectual Property, which is pretty interesting. (More on keywords crossing IPs in a sec). The Fielding cost discount and stat buff from an energize trigger will most certainly get experimented with on Golden Teen Titans teams as there are some pretty painful fielding costs on the affiliations main stays, although time will tell whether there is a sufficient Teen Titans presence in the set to make him relevant during drafting of Superman Kryptonite Crisis or as a Modern constructed team.

Starfire – Starbolts

Another Uncommon, and a card that has been anticipated since her dice was spotted in a display box photo, Starfire : Starbolts.

DC Dice Masters Superman Kryptonite Crisis - Starfire Starbolts

The most notable aspect of this card is the presence of the Range keyword – the first instance we’ve seen since the keyword made its premier in the Warhammer 40K Campaign Box set.

The potential in the Range game effect has been proven for sure, and it certainly leaves me pondering other DC characters that are zapp-y folk like Starfire who are a good fit to make an appearance in the Superman Kryptonite Crisis set AND could carry the Range keyword too.

I suspect that this will be a popular pick in drafts – a little bit of removal can go a long way in draft. Remember that Range triggers off the die attacking too, so draft a few copies to get your dice count up on Starfire and you’ve got some pretty nasty in-set board clearing potential.

How relevant she will become in Constructed is to be seen – Range isn’t a widely built around in Modern (except with Venerable Dreadnaught Teams) and there are better Starfire picks for Affiliation-centric teams in Golden.

One final, generic thought from these cards – they are going to look SWEET in Foil. I’m going to be keeping an eye out for these as Foil versions because I think they are going to look great on the table. The Robin in particular has me super happy because the artwork is by one of my favourite artists John Cassaday, who has drawn some really epic books and I highly recommend you check out his work.

I’ll repeat myself: I am so happy for a DC Dice Masters set to come around after a run of Marvel Dice Masters releases. Seeing these has also got me looking forward to the Teen Titans getting a boost to their roster and wondering if there is more TT affiliated characters in the Superman Kryptonite Crisis set and who they might be.

For even more Superman Kryptonite Crisis spoilers check out our gallery in our “Unreleased Dice Masters set Spoilers” section. You can find it here:

DC Dice Masters Superman Kryptonite Crisis Spoilers & Info Page

What are your thoughts on these guys? Who’s your stand out? Think they’ll put the Teen Titans higher in the Single Affiliation meta? Let me know in the comments below…

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