Announcing the next MoDPDM Tournament – Online, 27th March

Roughly 4 times a year the Ministry of Dice organise a face-to-face Dice Masters event in the UK. We call them MoDPDMs (“the Ministry of Dice Presents Dice Masters”) and they are intended to support UK players and UK stores by bringing the community on our little island together for some Dice Masters.

Traditionally we have held our Spring one around this time of year in the Midlands as a nice, central location for everyone to get to, Here we all are this time-ish last year (In the “Before Times” – remember those?) with the UK player base hanging out at GTG Hobbies in Stoke-on-Trent for an MoDPDM…

…however, the current UK lock down rules have made planning such an event a non-starter for 2021. We have therefore decided to take the next MoDPDM online and invite all our friends from the Online community across the world to get involved.

This page has all the information you will need about the event and how to get involved.

How, When & Where?

Date: The event will be taking place on Saturday 27th March

Where: This will be a virtual, online Dice Masters event (Discord & video Chat)

Start Time: The event will open for player check in at 17:30 GMT and Rounds will begin at 18:00 GMT

Structure: The event will be swiss rounds only. The number of rounds will be determined by the total number of participants.

6 – 83
9 – 164
17 – 325
33 – 646

Rounds are “best of One” and to be played over 45 minutes.

There will be NO ROUNDS AT TIME. The event will be running well into the evening for participants on this side of the planet so we are adhering to a strict time limit, and having 5 rounds at time in effect has a habit of running things waaaaaaay over.

In the event of one, incomplete game in the round the win will be awarded to the player with the highest life total when the timer ends. Please team build accordingly with this in mind.

We will not be running any cuts – the leader-board will be based on Swiss Round performance. Matching performance will be decided by “Strength of Schedule” as determined by the exciting algorithmic machinations of Challonge.

We are asking participants to “check in” on Challonge and hang out on the Discord channel 30 minutes before start time, to ensure a prompt kick off at 6pm GMT.

Please submit team lists by 4:30pm UK Time on 26th March. Team lists can be submitted by e-mail to as a Dice Coalition Team Builder link or through the submission process on Discord with a Team Builder link. You can find the Team Builder here:

To submit through Discord please head to the channel and enter the team link preceded by the following code:


Teams will be published on before the event start time.

Team Building Format

The team building format for this event will be Modern “10 in 10”; all the cards from your team must be from 10 different Modern sets.

The complete list of legal sets (that count for a slot) are as follows;

Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers Infinity Campaign Box
Marvel Dice Masters: Justice Like Lightning! Team Pack
Marvel Dice Masters: Kree Invasion Team Pack
DC Dice Masters: Harley Quinn Team Pack
Warhammer 40,000 Dice Masters: Battle for Ultramar Campaign Box
Warhammer 40,000 Dice Masters: Space Wolves Sons of Russ Team Pack
Warhammer 40,000 Dice Masters: Orks… WAAAGH! Team Pack
DC Dice Masters: Justice Campaign Box
DC Dice Masters: Mystics Team Pack
DC Dice Masters: Doom Patrol Team Pack
Marvel Dice Masters: X-Men Forever Campaign Box
Marvel Dice Masters: X-Force Team Pack
Marvel Dice Masters: Dark X-Men Team Pack
WWE Dice Masters: Campaign Box
WWE Dice Masters: Bitter Rivals Team Pack
WWE Dice Masters: Tag Teams Team Pack
D&D Dice Masters: Trouble in Waterdeep Campaign Box
D&D Dice Masters: Adventures in Waterdeep Team Pack
D&D Dice Masters: The Zhentarim Team Pack
Marvel Dice Masters: Infinity Gauntlet
Dark Phoenix Saga (Please see note below)
Modern Promos are considered one collective set

There are a number of extra elements to the team building format we are adding in addition to the standard 10 in 10 Format. Please read the following carefully:

Teams are permitted 2 slots for cards from the Marvel Dice Masters: Infinity Gauntlet and Marvel Dice Masters: Dark Phoenix Saga sets to acknowledge their larger card pool

There is a “Restricted Combos” list in effect for the event. The following cards cannot appear on the same team:

Under Surveillance The God Catcher – Famous Walking Statue
Mister Sinister – BiologistThe God Catcher – Famous Walking Statue
Thor – Jormungand’s FearAll rarities of The Collector
Hope Summers – Pluripotent EchopraxiaColossus – Piotr
Drax – The PacifistTyphoid Mary – Red Rubber Boots
Asuka – Empress of TomorrowGreen Lantern – Human
Black Widow – Widow’s HuntSpider-Man – Public Menace

The following cards are banned from the event:

All rarities of Gladiator from the Marvel Dice Masters: Dark Phoenix Saga set.

Entry Requirements

This event is free to enter.

We are asking entrants to help us to cover prizing costs & subsequent postage costs, but this is simply a contribution/donation to help and not necessary to enter.

As this is an online event the tournament will be managed through the following online services:

Challonge: Registration is open – head to the Challonge page to get registered. This is how we will be managing the brackets throughout the event.

In addition: player interaction & correspondence on the day will take place on Discord in the #spring-modpdm-online channel of the Dice Masters Online server. Click the button below to join the Dice Masters Online Discord server. A Discord profile is required to take part.


There will be a small amount of prizing made available for the event. This prizing is being supplied by the MoD.

Prizes will be awarded through a classic Ministry of Dice raffle after the event. Raffle entries will be awarded as follows:

  • Participation = 1 ticket
  • Round win = 1 ticket
  • First Place = 3 tickets
  • Second Place = 2 tickets
  • Third Place = 1 ticket
  • Fellowship Award = 1 ticket

the follow prizes are currently up for grabs in the raffle…

Championship Alt Art Hulk – Green Goliath

2 X Dungeons & Dragons Promo bundle

Limited Edition Ministry of Dice Dice Tray

Championship Level Foil Promo bundle

World’s Finest Dice Bag

Custom MoD Dice Token set

Championship Level Alt Art Animated X-Men Bundle A

Championship Level Alt Art Animated X-Men Bundle B

Exclusive Stu.ART Sketch Art Collection

In addition: we have a special treat for the player who takes the lowest position in the final rankings. The much sought after MoD Wooden Spoon! (Worth throwing your matches for!)

Rules Inquiries & Outcomes

Please send any rules inquiries to us through the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of the page, in the Discord channel, or through our Facebook page (linked below).

Any rules inquiries will then be published here for all to see in advance of the event.

Where Best to See Updates?

Over the coming weeks leading up to the event all communication & updates will be cross posted over the following areas:

Make sure you subscribe or “follow” one of the above to stay in the loop – the Discord channel is important as that will be used on the day to communicate in real-time with event participants.

Card Legality & The Dark Phoenix Saga Problem

There is still some question over the shipping date of the Dark Phoenix Saga set, AND even if it does arrive in North America there is no guarantee of availability for the rest of the world at that time.

IF the set does ship in March, on a date more than a week in advance of the event, then:

It will be legal

Proxies will be permitted ONLY for territories without the set shipped

Marvel Dice Masters Dark Phoenix Saga Countertop Display Spoiler

This still introduces the risk of a potentially degenerate combo from cards we are not aware of at this stage that possibly should be on the “Restricted Combos” list. In the event of this happening we can only ask that more experienced, competitively inclined players consider that there are a number of individuals interested in participating who are new to game or less competitively experienced and whether such a combo (if it exists) is the right thing to play for the player experience of everyone participating.

Getting Set Up Online

MoDPDM’s are an open & welcome space and we are always keen to encourage all Dice Masters players involved. Even if you have little to no experience of playing Dice Masters Online we are happy to help and support you as much as we can if you want to make this your first time.

A good starting place may be our “MoDCribZ Guide to Playing Dice Masters Online”. It contains a wide range of useful advice & recommendations about online play, getting set up, and what you can expect. You can find it here:

MoDCribZ Ultimate Guide to Playing Online

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions on the event Discord channel either. We’re not technical support, but are more than happy to share the details of how we are set up and get playing and so is the Online Dice Masters community.

Anything Else

That’s all for now, but don’t hesitate to get in touch if there’s anything more we can answer for you. AND don’t forget to keep your eye out for the prizing announcement coming soon.

All that’s left to say is that we’re so excited to be able to organise an event once again and we hope to see you there!


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